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Spectos Healthcare

Taking the Pulse of your Healthcare Organization with Spectos Healthcare

Consistently high satisfaction rates are a top priority for all healthcare organizations. It signals the overall health of the institution and the continual effort of staff to ensure that all patients are properly taken care of.

The core areas of what is important to patients and staff differ in many ways but are similar in results, which always point towards the service quality of an organization. On the one hand, doctors and staff search for a good work-life balance, and on the other side patients search for empathetic care givers. Patients also rely on the recommendations of the other patients and referring doctors in making their decision about which hospital to receive treatments from – highlighting the importance of ensuring that service quality is something that everyone takes into account.

Referring doctors have a critical impact on patients’ health through patient authority and expert status. With their referrals or non-referrals they essentially channel the flow of patients from hospitals, medical care centers, etc. Several studies show that about 75 % of patients follow the recommendation of their referring physician and choose the recommended institution.

Thus, a positive referrer satisfaction has an even more intensive effect on the collaboration between clinic and referring physician and thus on the overall long-term success.

Spectos Healthcare for Surveys and Complaint Management in Real-Time

Accurate and validated results are achieved through continuous measurements of patient and staff satisfaction at all times, regardless of location, staff and feedback channel.

Spectos gives a health organization the capabilities to collect data through various channels such as text messages, email, shortlink, QR code, App, physical terminals, smartphone, tablet or classic paper questionnaire. This allows for a person to respond via their preferred communication channel. A significant increase in the response rate and reduction of the cost expenditure is therefore secured.

Seamless integration of the Spectos Healthcare solution with existing HIS systems ensures that results are seen in real-time and complaints can be handled immediately by the appropriate department. Depending on the department, ward or illness, individually tailored quality criteria can be queried anonymously.

Spectos Healthcare Cockpit

Combine all feedback channels from your patients, referring doctors and employees with our efficient and straightforward Spectos Healthcare Cockpit. All data, feedback responses and time-critical events can be viewed in real-time and instantly delivered to responsible departments or individuals for an efficient service quality and complaint management solution.

Benefits of Spectos Healthcare

  • All results of the patient, referrer and employee survey centrally in one place with individually defined access rights according to the respective hierarchy
  • Continuous and representative patient surveys and daily insights into patient satisfaction
  • Targeted analyses at the level of specialist departments, wards, functional areas
  • Operational and strategic control based on daily updated data
  • Easy internal and external benchmarking with selected departments, hospitals, wards and time periods on the basis of own or external comparison values
  • Easy implementation in your hospital information system due to modular software that meets all data protection requirements In-house support center
  • Cost-effective implementation through a holistic approach, automatic real-time analyses and efficient ad hoc surveys
  • Fast and easy customization for special patient groups
  • Multi-channel feedback solutions
  • Start & Stop survey options
  • Instant feedback response
  • Instant complaint management feedback
  • Integration for any hospital information system
  • Native Apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Holistic monitoring of quality criteria for patients and staff in real time
  • All channels, all data, one dashboard: Customized dashboards
  • Tracking the evolution of individual quality dimensions over time
  • Survey via patient terminals, such as Siemens HiMed® Cockpit or Philips CareServant

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