World Mail Express Europe 2018 – a Recap

Cross-border challenges, new technologies, customer experience and an explosion in eCommerce: these topics and more were discussed by Europe’s premier postal and logistics event – WMX Europe. The last few weeks for Spectos since the closing ceremonies of this industry leading event have been spent analyzing the information given by many of the industry’s movers and shakers in the European postal and logistics marketplace.

Is the Mailbox going the Way of the Dodo?

One question of great interest to mail providers is if a world can exist without mailboxes? Germans in general cannot fathom the idea that retail catalogues, letters and other mail items can totally disappear and just go electronically. That was the conclusion of Spectos’ market research survey of more than 1800 participants (to read the article, click here – in German). Niels Delater, CEO of Spectos, delivered the results of the survey to the various C-level managers from across Europe.

Consumers and companies alike in Germany are seeing a rising stake in the mailbox. For most respondents of this survey, they acknowledged the potential of mailboxes for direct marketing. Offline advertising flyers can give interesting impulses to go online. Only six percent of participants answered that future technology will eventually take away the familiar mailbox, while the rest want the status quo to remain.

WMX – an Important & Impactful Event

In discussing the way WMX differs from other events, Niels stated, ‘In almost 20 years of working in the postal and logistics industry, this event helps and challenges C-level managers in understanding with great depth the topics that are currently changing the face of our sector’.

One of the biggest focuses of the conference is the emerging eCommerce business and how this is having ripple effects across the entire industry. Customers are ever more focused on free delivery and superb customer service. Ensuring what your customers want has become an essential tool in your toolkit to building a successful business.

Inspiring Topics and People

What are the benefits for most people who attend WMX? For Niels it was quite simple: ‘For me, being in business for so long, a person can get uninspired by the monotony of everyday operations. Joining this event brings together so many brilliant people who all have one vision – to work together and create an industry that is moving forward in all aspects’.

The Road to Global Delivery – WMX Asia 2018

Spectos Asia has been offering services and advice to the postal market for a greater part of 10 years to the region. Adapting, developing and growing alongside the Asian market place, Spectos Asia brings European know-how with a deep knowledge of the continental influences and ways to do business. Spectos is excited to sponsor and to be given the opportunity to present the latest technological developments for the region. Please check the speaker list and schedule as to what dates and times Niels will be giving his presentation.

The event will bring together 200+ of Asia’s leaders and influencers in the postal and logistics industry to discuss the topics that are affecting the whole continent. On the agenda this year are ‘online marketplaces’ and how to engage them, the one belt one road initiative, delivering in a ever faster paced city environment and how national postal organizations are adapting and changing to global markets.

Please join us in Hong Kong for September. And if you can’t make it, be sure to sign up to the regular updates about this wide sweeping event from the WMX Asia website.

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