Measuring postal service quality with a Transit Time Measurement according to EN 13850 and EN 14534.

Transit Time Measurement According to EN 13850 / EN 14534

The heightened competition in the postal industry has led to an increase in quality awareness on both the customer’s and provider’s end. Customers and public tenders alike demand proof of postal service quality, especially when it comes to the transit and delivery times.

Since it’s not possible to completely track the delivery of normal letters like it is with packages, statistical processes are put into place to measure the service quality in the postal industry. Postal services are also measured to ensure conformity to European norms, such as EN 13850 and EN 14534. Mail services are categorized as a universal service which, according to European universal service rules, must remain affordable and of reasonable quality to ensure availability for every user, which is why postal service quality is monitored by regulatory bodies.

These norms specify many critical aspects of a measurement system. Spectos has specialized itself in this area and will gladly assist clients in creating a measurement that fulfills European norms as well as individual goals and cultural requirements.


Collaboration on measurement design to get your project ready to run.

Transit Time Measurements in the postal industry are implemented for a number of reasons, the most common one being measuring postal service quality, an important topic in the high-pressure postal industry. At Spectos, we have over a decade of experience in assisting clients in designing & planning the correct measurement structure according to their individual requirements, and to ensure conformity to European standards, such as EN 13850 and EN 14534.

In close collaboration with your team, our experts will help you define specific goals, determine KPIs, and implement them into your measurement structure. We ensure the smooth integration of your measurement into existing processes and touchpoints by remaining present during the entire process.


Collecting study results through various different channels.

Receive varied, reliable data to steer your measurement by using multiple channels to collect it. A large part of the responses you receive will be submitted by panelists, your own study participants we recruited on your behalf. Spectos has not only invested in service centers to capture results via telephone from participants, but also in new modern online methods, enabling panelists to submit results on centralized platforms, like Mailagenten, or via email and social media.

In order to ensure your measurement results are reliable, multiple tests and verification systems are put in place to continuously check quality of data and panelists.

Innovative RFID technology is also a possibility for collecting end to end transit time data for measurements, giving you a comprehensive overview of data and processes.


Make results presentable with individual dashboards and reports.

Test mail transit time results are monitored to ensure the high quality of data, and can be compared to KPIs, benchmark thresholds, and other custom defined values. Every Spectos client receives their own account and dashboard where results can be viewed from around the world.

Our experts translate your data into responsive graphs, organized lists, and automatic evaluations, providing you with the information you need to know 24/7. Create your own reports and templates according to your specific needs and use the valuable filter function to filter through data and locate exactly what you’re looking for.

Spectos offers official reporting for governmental bodies and public tenders, which are also presentable at team meetings and to customers as a proof of quality.


Improve postal service quality by taking action based on transit time data.

Improve your postal service quality by turning results into actions and viewing your services, processes, and operations from a completely new perspective. Use transit time data to successfully make data-driven decisions and improvements to postal service. Simplify collaboration in teams with ticketing and to-do systems to reduce response times and improve internal communication across the board. Learn from customer feedback and statistical data for better business controls and benefit from real time technology for immediate knowledge.

For further improvement of postal processes, implement new quality improvement projects and identify room for additional measurements. Track and monitor overall development and growth over time and successfully undergo audits with our assistance.


Monitor success daily with alert systems and notifications in real time.

Our Transit Time Measurements fulfill all European standards, such as EN 13850 / EN 14534. Monitor transit time results and postal service quality day by day with real-time results and make changes where needed. Obtain certification from independent auditors in your county to have actual proof of your service quality and set yourself apart from the competition in the postal industry.


Learn how multiple industry leaders, such as bpost, use Transit Time Measurements.


The highly customized RFID-supported E2E Transit Time Monitoring System according to EN 13850 and EN 14534 has been used by bpost for years now.

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