Top requirements when shopping for a VoC or EFM solution

Bring this list with you when shopping around for a Voice of the Customer or Enterprise Feedback Solution

  • Must have a strong history of research and voice of the customer innovation
  • Must have easy survey design functionality
  • Must have scalability to never outgrow the platform – flexibility to start small and grow overtime
  • Must have multi-channel distribution: online, offline, mobile, social, etc…- ability to capture and integrate solicited and unsolicited feedback (social media, online review sites, etc.)
  • Must have advanced reporting and analytics
  • Must have an easy to use interface and full power without the programming
  • Must have data security and stability – role-based permissions and controls to give the right people access to the right insight
  • Must have solid company leadership, culture and innovation – a partner with steady growth who invests in their engineering team and is constantly improving their solutions.
  • Must have the ability to zoom in to individual customer feedback and zoom out to analyze trends across product, location, department, and role
  • Must have flexible, mobile dashboards and workflow must be easy to modify in a point and click interface
  • Must have flexible integrations with other solutions
  • Must have a case management system to track closed-loop feedback
  • Must have a proven success record in tracking customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  • Must have a global footprint across mass-market industries
  • Must have a seamless integration with existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Must have third-party validation (customer testimonials, industry awards, marketplace recognition, etc.)
  • Must have a culture where every department is focused on customer experience and satisfaction
  • Must have amazing people who are a pleasure to work with
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