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RFID technology: Service Quality Management in real-time

Radio frequency identification or RFID is a simple but a multi-faceted technology which uses encrypted data with the aid of electromagnetic fields. This technology is ideal when needing to collect data quantities and for the transfer of extensive data records. Another method to use this technology is the tracking of individual items. This is done to control service quality measurement topics such as completeness or timeliness. The flexibility and usability of RFID technology allows for devices to be easily monitored for complex process chains.

By using the EN standards for postal administrators in Europe, Spectos is an expert in the use of this technology through its applications for numerous clients. Due to its small size, the technology can be easily expanded into use for other industries, for example for inventory management in the healthcare sector. With the easy to mount RFID gate readers, the data of different items (test mail items, healthcare equipment etc.) can be recorded at different points of their use. The simple but innovative technology helps organizations in understanding their processes in real-time. This in the long-term can create time and cost efficiencies.

Your advantages using RFID Technology

  • Measurement of individual process steps
  • Small, flexible and suitable for all types of logistics processes
  • Verification of timeliness and completeness
  • Agile and efficient collection of large data records
  • Products and items can be tracked across multiple points
  • Data transfer is quick and efficiently uploaded to Spectos’ RTPM Suite
  • RFID tags are discreet and integrated into items
  • Distinction over Live Trackers is that items can be measured at predetermined points

RFID technology offers higher service quality levels through consistent process controls

Spectos RFID software allows for perfect integration into any of your organization’s processes. This provides important KPIs for individual quality criteria. Your company is able to see all operations and take any appropriate measures against conflicting developments.

All data is transferred to the Spectos RTPM suite. In this online solution, your company is able to view detailed real-time reports that enable your quality management team to continuously optimize your processes. Alerts and notifications are sent via mobile app or email about important events in your processes, all through the RTPM suite.

Overview RFID Process

Process view of RFID

The automation of RFID technology can help save time and overall costs for your organization, thus allowing for your company to focus on what is important. Our experienced experts can help in developing an RFID solution that fits your company’s needs.

Technical Overview of RFID technology

  • High read rates for all types of settings
  • Low read errors since tags are resistant to soiling and wear
  • Contactless, robustness and compactness offer low operational costs
  • Daily generation of data for every measurement point
  • Data transmission via mobile data network; SMS used as a failsafe
  • Adaptable interface for all RFID data and SMS gateways via RTPM suite
  • Simultaneous detection of multiple tags
  • Customized to have additional information stored
  • Information is interchangeable, even during running processes


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