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Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite

Benefit from continuous Service Quality Monitoring in real-time

Turn business intelligence into a business advantage! Customized cockpits display your business-relevant data and information in real-time in easy-to-understand reports and graphics.

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Anywhere - anytime - on any device

Business-relevant information tailored to your needs at a glance

Modern enterprises produce an abundance of data on a daily basis. A centralized platform is needed to efficiently evaluate this data. The Spectos RTPM Real-Time performance Management™ Suite is a Software as a Service SaaS platform with solutions and modules for the ongoing monitoring of business-relevant information in real-time. Based on the Six Sigma approach, our software suite combines all the features you need for performance management and continuous improvement.

Advantages: Steer and manage at the push of a button

  • Customized cockpit solution based on specific business objectives and needs
  • Display of real-time data centrally in one platform
  • Immediate evaluation and control of any business process
  • Precise insights into ratings of individual quality factors
  • Opportunity for consistent process monitoring and the development of targeted measures
  • Efficient complaint management through integrated ticket system with real-time notifications
  • Benchmarking at a glance
  • QM reports at the touch of a button
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For any industry and based on the KPIs defined by each customer

Variations of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite

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The Spectos software makes it easy for your team to manage performance & improve day by day

We do not believe in "one size fits all". Because every company is different, we use different modules for the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite. We design your tailor-made system as flexible and adaptable as possible. When developing your solution, we follow the Six Sigma philosophy, in which the Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control (DMAIC) methodology is applied cyclically. At the same time, we place importance on the easy integration of the solution into your existing processes. Our pragmatic and lean approach lets us get the best out of Six Sigma for you, so that you can easily and sustainably increase your service quality during your day-to-day operations. Based on the Six Sigma approach, our RTPM software suite combines all the features you need for performance management and continuous improvement.

Visualization of the Six Sigma Approach
Six Sigma approach for Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite

Detailed insights into the quality of your services

The Spectos RTPM™ Suite provides customized, detailed insights into individual process steps, tailored to your key performance indicators. Furthermore, it allows for the benchmarking of results. In close cooperation with you, our experienced experts will develop a solution with which you can monitor and scale your key figures according to your requirements. Various analysis tools automatically aggregate your results according to your criteria. View your company as a whole or compare individual touchpoints with each other. Through the daily and continuous collection and evaluation of your data you will be provided with meaningful graphics, giving you deep insights into your service quality.

Data from passenger surveys at the Spectos Mobility Cockpit
Infographics Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite as a PaaS

Cloud-based RTPM suite for high availability, usability and security

The RTPM™ Suite from Spectos offers high availability, usability and security. The application is made available to as a web application and can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices. You do not need to install any special software or updates to do this. All you need is an Internet browser (Mozilla, Google Chrome, etc.) and a permanent Internet connection.

Technical Information about the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite

  • Web application with 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Standard screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, adaptation to responsive design for mobile resolutions
  • Real-time data visualization in user-specific cockpits
  • Easy integration into existing processes
  • No separate installation necessary due to open source cloud technology
  • Integration with existing KIS/CRM systems via interface (e.g. SAP, IS-H, Afga Orbis, Siemens)
  • Role based user management for access control

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We will gladly provide you with detailed information and submit an offer tailored to your needs.

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