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Localization in real time: Spectos Live Tracker

The Live Tracker provides real-time tracking data to localize and monitor objects and shipments. The flexible and powerful loT technology is a low-cost tracking solution to enhance the transparency of global supply chains and to get a clear view of complex processes.


One of Kizy Tracking's USP's: Global coverage Global coverage
One of Kizy Tracking's USP's: high energy efficiency High energy efficiency
One of Kizy Tracking's USP's: credit card size Credit card size
One of Kizy Tracking's USP's: Low cost Low costs

Benefits of the Tracker Technology

  • Seamless supply chain transparency: End-to-end monitoring and control of all logistics processes
  • Transmission of real-time data for geolocation, movement, light changes and temperature of shipments from anywhere in the world
  • Global real-time tracking based on mobile phone networks and WiFi (local) 
  • Advantages over GPS: GSM systems ensure reliable signal strength and real-time data transmission even from within buildings and containers; long battery lifetime (up to 1 year) due to high energy efficiency
  • Advantages over RFID: No complex infrastructure required; transmission of real-time location and movement data along the entire process chain vs. data at checkpoints and gates only
  • Easy and uncomplicated integration of the tracking technology into company systems via API interface
  • Proof of quality for customers: Support in certification processes and proof of compliance with standards, e.g. for FSSC 22000
  • Proactive supply chain management through management by exception: fast response in case of irregularities such as delivery delays, route deviations, changes in light or temperature
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Close information gaps in the supply chain & enhance your service quality

Accurate real-time location information for supply chain transparency and continuous quality monitoring & process analyses

Spectos uses the real-time tracking solution from Kizy Tracking for the quality monitoring of complex supply chains. The real-time data provides in-depth insights into delivery, transfer, sorting and logistics processes of postal and logistics companies. The live trackers are used to track mail and parcels as well as vehicles, containers and other objects. Based on the tracking data, operational processes can be monitored and planned more efficiently.


Spectos uses the real-time tracking solution by Kizy Tracking
Efficient supply chains with global tracking in real time

In addition to global tracking, innovative add-ons extend the manifold and scalable usability of the Live Tracker. This makes the technology suitable for specific use cases such as asset tracking, inventory management or cold chain monitoring through temperature tracking.


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Active live tracking solution for transparent supply chains

Technical aspects of the Live Tracker:

  • Data transmission in predefined intervals:
    15 min/1h/24h, or individually configurable
  • Battery life 10 days to 1 year depending on tracking scheme
  • Location accuracy between 20m to 50m (WiFi), in countryside areas and en route 500m to 3000m (GSM)
  • Global coverage, wherever GSM reception (mobile networks) is available
  • Robust design,credit-card size with 42g and 8,5mm
Live Tracking for Postal & Logistics
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How the Live Tracker works

From data collection to visualized real-time reportings

Overview Process Live Tracker

Based on predefined configurations and geofencing, the tracker automatically sends information on location, movement, light changes, temperature and alerts in case of deviations. The data integration into a company’s own systems is achieved via an API interface. The tracking data is prepared and visualized in customer-specific dashboards, allowing shipment information to be accessed at any time. For example, if the tracking data is integrated into the post & logistics cockpit of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™Suite, quality management reports can be generated on a regular basis. In addition, the integrated ticket system in the Spectos RTPM™Suite makes it possible to receive alerts via mobile app, email or SMS about important events or critical deviations within the process chain.

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