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Localization in Real-time with Live Tracker solutions by Spectos

The purpose of Spectos Live Tracker technology is to accurately pinpoint any item, from any point on earth. The location information is broadcast in real-time, allowing for a clear view of tracking complex processes. The Live Trackers are small but powerful. The devices themselves are the size of a credit card and can be used in a wide variety of formats.

Your benefits using Spectos Live Tracker solutions

  • End-to-end monitoring of your entire process chain
  • Detection of suspected or known deviations in processes
  • Real-time global tracking of items or objects from any point in the world
  • Reliable reception in all locations (buildings, transport containers, vehicles etc.)
  • Real-time transfer of data into Spectos RTPM suite for complete process overview and analysis of deviations
  • Continuous monitoring of all logistics processes end-to-end
  • Proof of quality for customers
  • Distinction over GPS: reliable reception, real-time transmission and longer battery life
  • Distinction over RFID: Real-time information for the entire end-to-end process chain
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Spectos Live Tracker for precise real-time location monitoring and continuous and accurate process control

The Live Trackers are designed to be used for various applications. From test mail items and parcels for the postal industry, to vehicles and objects, they are easily adaptable to meet your company’s needs. The various sensors also allow for further data to be analyzed. The sensors can be switched on or off and are customizable according to temperature (food and medical purposes), light and movement.

Employee prepares container with Live Tracker
Analysis of Tracking Data in the Spectos RTPM Suite

Time intervals can also be set according to the insights requested by your organization. From 15 mins to 24 hour intervals, these insights give your company a deeper understanding where Track’ n’ Trace or RFID technology might not be feasible or economical. Live Tracker solutions are recommended when there are unknown processes, process conflicts or important items that need to be continuously tracked. Live Trackers help you provide an accurate proof of delivery for your service quality verification.

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Live Tracker data functionalities: from data collection to report analysis

The moment you turn on your Live Tracker, it will continuously send information. The data sent is via GSM / WLAN tracking. This same information is sent to the Spectos RTPMTM cloud server where the raw data is processed for clarity. The results and reports are available to your company 24/7. Daily, weekly and monthly reports are created for your quality management team to analyse. The built-in ticketing system in your RTPMTM suite allows for alerts and notifications to be sent via mobile app or email about important events in your processes.


Overview Live Tracker Process

Technical Overview of Live Tracker technology

  • Predefined intervals of: 15 min / 60 min / 24 hr
  • Battery life depends on time intervals: 10 days up to 1 year
  • Location accuracy: Residential areas, from 20-50 meters; Rural areas, from 500 to 3000 meters
  • Global coverage, where GSM reception permits
  • Robust design: weight 47 grams, the size of a credit card

Recommendation: Live Tracker solutions in the Postal and Logistics Industry

Working together with clients, our experts create a Live Tracker plan that suits your company’s needs. Before implementation of the technology, we define the measurement process to coincide with points of interest, parameters and take into consideration factors which may affect the measurement.

Spectos is self-equipped to handle any requests for a test mail study. Access to our global panelist system, in-house support center and in-house lettershop are available at any time to our clients.