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Higher convenience ensures better results: with the Inspector App, study participants of the Mailagenten Panel are given an easier way to give feedback

Digitalization and unrestricted access to data offer many benefits to all industries. The convenience of data exchange enriches market research and surveying: websites, QR codes and specific apps optimally adapt to individual user habits and help to simplify responses from participants. In this manner, large amounts of data can be collected in a very short amount of time.

The Spectos Mailagenten experience give these exact advantages. Through the convenience of the Inspector App data from Mystery Shopping, SpectosCents and current surveys are compiled via smartphone or tablet, and allows study participants to coordinate the collection of data. The ease of use, convenient transfer of data and built-in incentive functions ensure a great eagerness to participate and in turn create high-quality study results.

Benefits of the Inspector App

  • High willingness to participate in surveys due to a simplified layout
  • Valid results due to high responsiveness of participants
  • Reduction of dropouts and lack of feedback
  • Transmission of data in real-time
  • Cost-effective survey method
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Benefits for study participants

Free Inspector App: Easily collect Spectos Cents through Mystery Shopping & Mobile Surveys

With the cost-free Inspector App, study participants of the Mailagenten panel can easily give their feedback to any type of survey. An example of this is the receipt of test shipments during a transit time measurement test. The data can be easily transmitted via smartphone without having to contact the company support hotline. The study participant(s) can simply enter the so-called ‘i-code’ of the measurement study program, together with the date of the receipt into the app. An even easier method is the use of scanning the QR code, which significantly reduces erroneous data.

Feedback on transit time measurements via Inspector App
Study participants for Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping

For each feedback, the study participants earn so-called Spectos Cents. The ‘Cents’ can be accumulated and viewed at any time when logged into the Inspector App. This online currency can be collected for use as coupons and redeemed at many retailers that a participant wishes to use the cents for. By participating in voluntary surveys, study participants have the opportunity to earn additional Spectos Cents. Participation includes being a mystery shopper in order to check the service quality of a local company, on the basis of a given questionnaire. When a study participant is selected for a job survey, he or she will receive a request from the Inspector App indicating the amount of available Spectos Cents to be collected. However, this information is displayed only when you live near the study location.

Make use of our high quality panel and activate our study participants for your market research purposes.

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