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Efficient Enterprise Feedback Management with Feedbackstr

Feedbackstr is our easy-to-use solution for you to reliably and continuously obtain feedback and permanently monitor your service quality thanks to the well structured reporting system. Regardless of the media used for your surveys, each feedback is immediately transferred into our cloud based RTPM suite, where you are presented with visually rendered, easy-to-understand graphics and reports.

Workflow Feedbackstr

Take direct action with Feedbackstr to permanently improve your service quality through the continuous, daily feedback of your interest groups. The integrated ticket system supports your internal communication and lets you directly instruct those responsible to react to individual feedbacks via tickets. Start with the innovation of your efficient Enterprise Feedback Management!

Advantages of Feedbackstr for your Enterprise Feedback Management

  • Ability to reach out to a large target group thanks to a variety of media and survey channels
  • Ability to benchmark stores, locations, departments, wards etc.
  • Great flexibility in designing and updating questionnaires
  • Creation of multiple language surveys
  • Large amounts of data can be acquired in a short-time, leading to valid survey results and enabling a sound quality management
  • Immediate availability of data with numerous display and analysis options in Spectos RTPM suite
  • Little knowledge or training needed to use Feedbackstr
  • Simple monitoring of real-time KPIs for instant insights into daily company performances
  • Integrated ticketing system
  • Presentation of reports and results according to company hierarchies and responsibilities
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Far more than a satisfaction survey: Enterprise Feedback Management made easy with Feedbackstr

Customized questionnaires in an instant

KPIs are key figures that can be used to develop service quality measures. If desired, we will work with you to develop suitable questionnaires based on the parameters that are important for you. KPI measurements can be obtained in Feedbackstr by using a variety of tools, such as rating questions with stars, multiple choice questions or with the Net Promoter Score. Feedbackstr steers away from the standardized questionnaires and develops surveys that reflect your unique personality as a business and its goals.

Feedbackstr is as flexible and diverse as your stakeholders

Place your surveys at important contact points to gauge satisfaction of your stakeholders, whether customer, patient, doctor or event visitor. By offering different communication channels, you can easily meet the habits of your respondents to achieve high levels of participation. Combine feedback terminals, tablets, QR codes, online survey and other channels and develop your own survey strategy.The questionnaires can even be answered offline. As soon as an Internet connection is established, the data is synchronized and automatically transmitted to you.

Scope of services from Feedbackstr

  • Personal contact person
  • Design of your own enterprise feedback management system
  • Touchpoint analysis for your company
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Pilot phase implementation and execution
  • Implementation and roll out out of system in your organization
  • Feedback terminals directly on-site
  • Tablets & second screens (i.e. at point of sale location)
  • QR-Code & short links for posters, flyers, postcards, packaging, catalogues
  • Integrated coupon system
  • Company website and social networks
  • Live Chat, emails and newsletter
  • Support Center & Hotlines

Feedbackstr technical data

  • Feedbackstr Kiosk App for iOS / Android devices
  • Feedbackstr set-up at point of sale (POS), e.g. at tablet stands (terminal & kiosk models), or used in face-to-face interviews
  • Automated synchronization of data with Feedbackstr cloud as soon as internet connection is established
  • Online and offline app usability
  • System requirements iOS 9.1 or later / Android versions 4.2 or higher

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