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Feedback Terminals by Spectos: Easy, flexible, in real-time

Feedback terminals are the easiest way to receive and understand the opinions of stakeholders about your company’s level of service quality. The direct contact makes it possible to uncover deviations. This information can then be used to improve the service quality of your organization. Collecting information at the right time is important. Capturing the moment an experience is created lends more authenticity for the service quality management aspect to any business.

Spectos offers various terminal platforms for the quick and easy collection of feedback data. Regardless of the terminal platform selected, Spectos provides all feedback in real-time. Cockpits and reports are customized according to your company’s standards and are showcased in our Real-time Performance Management suite. Successful relationship building with customers, employees, health patients etc., ensures long lasting success for your business.

Feedback terminal evaluations ensure consistent monitoring in real-time

Our user friendly terminals offer your stakeholders the uncomplicated ability to submit feedback with just a few short clicks. Real-time data delivery gives your organization the possibility to identify and respond to inconsistencies via the Spectos RTPM suite. The Feedbackstr feedback App is available for iOS and Android mobile phones. Have no internet? The built-in features allow for online and offline use of the Feedbackstr App. The data is saved and uploaded once a mobile device accesses an internet connection.

Your advantages using Spectos Feedback Terminals

  • Attractive survey layout and user friendly design allow for higher response rates
  • Instant feedback on service experience at the moment of truth
  • Customized questionnaire and terminal design according to company brand
  • Strategic terminal placement for maximum exposure
  • Real-time feedback at point of sale
  • Continuous qualitative and quantitative measurements of customer satisfaction
  • Different language variations for international groups
  • Automated transmission and evaluation of data
  • Direct action to inconsistencies
  • Email notifications for in-depth feedback in real-time
  • Weekly and monthly reports automated by email

Choose the Feedback Terminal that really suits your needs

Our selection of feedback terminals lets you decide how you would like to reach your customers based on local conditions. Spectos offers 5 different models, ranging from stand-alone terminals to trolley terminals and wall-mounted terminals. Each model varies in shape, size and range of services. Additionally, various placement options ensure that your survey is interactive and integrated into your processes. Your company brand is paramount, that is why the Spectos graphic design team ensures that your corporate image is of the highest quality when labelling the terminals. A clear and appealing appearance guarantees higher response rates.

Technical overview of Spectos Feedback Terminals

  • Multitouch screens for all models
  • Display sizes vary on model
  • Optional keyboard models available
  • Quad-core processors for all tablets
  • WIFI and LTE including data transmission available
  • OS systems are Windows 10 und Android/iOS
  • Kiosk mode and remote maintenance possible (Exception: tablets, no remote maintenance possible)
  • Optional proximity sensor, depending on model
  • Secure and theft-proof
  • Synchronization app for offline feedback data collection


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