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Service Quality on a new level: Social Media Monitoring and Community Management to enhance your consumers’ satisfaction

E-commerce and social media platforms make the web presence of companies increasingly complex. Maintaining content and having regular contact with the users of the community has become a full-time job. A fast processing of inquiries, error reports and reviews has become essential in times of just-in-time consumption so-called shitstorms. Through direct response to the voices of your customers you are not only convincing other users, but also potentially new customers of the service quality of your business.

We manage your social media monitoring and take care of the fast processing of customer inquiries and product reviews on different social media channels. Maintain an overview of your social media strategy and leave online support to us. Using modern Product Review Management Tools, our experts get in direct contact with your customers and answer their questions concerning your products as they are sold on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

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Be on the pulse of time and learn from your customers! Our Social Media Team is looking forward to supporting you.

Social Media Monitoring for e-commerce

Product reviews are of central importance in the e-commerce sector. Because a classic consultation at the point of sale is often no longer necessary, the opinion of other consumers strongly influences the buying interest of an individual user. We manage these reviews for your. Dissatisfied customer voices will not die unheard, as our Social Media Team will answer them competently and with empathy based on the quality- and service standards of your business.

Social Media Monitoring via Tablet as part of the Spectos approach
Support Center employees for social media monitoring

Handling of your Service-Apps

Our support team will handle your Service- and Community Apps. We manage questions, error reports and all customer concerns as they are posted in your apps.

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Condensed Social Media report as overview of trends and developments

To have a thorough insight into your customers’ opinions, inquiries and posts on social media and community platforms, we will compile a regular internal newsletter for you. This Social Media Report informs you of the most important VOCs (Voice of Customer) and keeps you up to date on opinions about your business. In this way you can find out what your customers are concerned about and what their wishes and expectations are of your company and your products. In order to continuously monitor your presence on the web, we also actively maintain your social media channels. Important comments or opinions are forwarded to you in form of a ticket or push notification and can be immediately processed.

Overview of your advantages with Social Media Monitoring by Spectos

  • Social Media Monitoring and Community Management from one source
  • Professional Management of your Community Apps
  • Direct Response
  • Efficient customer contact
  • Individual concepts for your Customer Relationship Management
  • Overview of opinions and trends
  • Development of Best Practice Strategies