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Service quality from the customers’ perspective: Get to know your customers with Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping

With Spectos Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping you will get detailed insights into your existing service quality. At the point-of-sale (POS), customers and companies meet directly. Decisive for a purchase decision are always interaction, appearance, presentation and finally the communication at the POS, independent of industry and company size. The POS has many faces: it can be a classic store or shop, your website, your service hotline, live chat and social media channels, email and any other touch points on the customer journey. Regardless of your industry and company size, the POS experience always determines whether your customer makes a purchase or not.

Your advantages using Spectos Mystery Shopping & Mystery Research

  • Authentic insights into actual service quality
  • Realistic impressions as a starting point for quality optimization
  • Training and supervision of study participants by Spectos
  • Can be performed at all touch points, offline and online
  • Incentive programs for study participants
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First-hand information with Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping

Our specially trained service testers covertly contact pre-determined touch points to express a purchase or information interest. Using a jointly predefined list of criteria, the study participants objectively evaluate individual aspects of the interactions. Key elements that are recorded are customer satisfaction, welcome and waiting time, availability of the desired contact person, information quality, handling of complaints as well as friendliness and competence of the service staff. The collected insights provide information about your current service quality and form the basis of your quality-enhancing measures.

Study participants for Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping
Spectos Panel Management für Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping

We determine suitable participants for your mystery project according to your predefined selection criteria. In doing so, we not only take over the construction of your panel, but take care with our panel management services of the regular training and evaluation of the study participants. In order to guarantee continual results and consistently high quality of the collected data, we use incentive programs to ensure continual motivation of your panel.

Scope of services of Spectos Mystery Shopping & Mystery Research

  • Mystery Calling and Mystery Shopping
  • Construction, support and management of your panel
  • Definition of specific quality criteria
  • Provision of the survey channels

Spectos Mystery Research & Mystery Shopping provides detailed insights into the existing service quality of selected touch points based on fictional or real-world buying experiences. Our objective assessments reveal your company's strengths and weaknesses and are the first step to actively manage and improve your service quality.

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