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Smart Branding Starts from an Idea: Spectos Graphic Design

The Spectos Graphic Design department gives your campaign a face and character. In addition to developing, implementing and supporting your tailor-made solution, Spectos ensures a uniform appearance for your company. Your brand identity is reflected in our solution and gives your company increased visibility and recognition value. Be it from flyers, stickers or brochures, Spectos is flexible in designing your advertising materials with professional design that guarantees high responsiveness for your topic-specific campaigns and surveys.

Your advantages with Spectos Graphic Design

  • Increased and uniform brand appearance and recognition
  • Professional and attractive appearance
  • Increased response rate through targeted addressing
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Graphic Design that says more than a Thousand Words

Our experienced experts will work with you directly to find the right design for your campaign. Listening to our customers is very important to us. Spectos is happy to sit down with you to support, find and create ideas. Before we begin a project, we define the most important factors together with you and develop a framework to work from. Once you are satisfied with the design for your campaign, we help to implement this into your campaign.

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Our support includes the following services

  • Creation of flyers, brochures, advertisements, postcards, posters, office equipment etc.
  • Design of logos, illustration and typography
  • Design of business documents
  • Definition of color combinations
  • Event presentations
  • Corporate design
  • Online graphics
  • Definition of image and icon styles
  • Help with selection of paper stocks and finishing options
  • Creation of a company design manual
  • Design of cross-media templates, stationery, business cards, etc.
  • Web design, newsletter templates, corporate publishing
  • Development of company branding
  • Designing and tagging using company logos on Spectos Feedback terminals