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Digitize paper communication for a comprehensive view of all your data - Spectos Digitization and Data Entry Services

Spectos’ digitization and data entry services are an essential and supportive part for our solutions. We are confident that we provide a much more reliable service than other all-in-one digitization companies can.

Spectos offers you the service for manual data entry and digitization of your paper-based data. The evaluation of written information is very time-consuming. In order to connect all communication channels and to obtain a comprehensive overview, we offer you the service for the manual entry and digitization of data from one source. We take care of the decoding of addresses, carry out address research, digitize paper questionnaires and provide all relevant data to you in an easy-to-use format. With our experience in the field of digitization and data entry, we transfer your paper-based data quickly and error-free. The efficient digital recording and evaluation and the location-independent retrieval of your data can strongly support your process optimization and the overall improvement of service quality.

Your advantages of using services by Spectos for digitization and data entry

  • Rapid integration of paper-based data into digital reports
  • Inclusion of the information in regular monitoring
  • Optimum data quality due to extensive reference databases (e.g. for postal codes)
  • Less effort in capturing and evaluating paper-based data
  • Increased productivity due to significant time savings
  • Individual solutions customized to your projects
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Intelligent data acquisition and data maintenance in real-time

The opportunities provided by digitized processes and the cloud can only be fully exploited with a well integrated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). With the digitization service of Spectos you will avoid breaks in information flows and process chains which lets you manage your day-to-day business more effectively. Your paper-based information is made available to you in the cockpit of your RTPM Suite within a very short time.

Example views in the Healthcare Cockpit

Our scope of services for digitization and data entry

  • Scanning services
  • Business process outsourcing
  • Manual data entry and database maintenance
  • Conversion of handwritten documents
  • Indexing of digitized documents
  • Reproduction and duplication
  • Image processing
  • Returns management, double capture, triple capture
  • Video coding
  • Address research

In cooperation with our partners, we always manage even large volumes of data on time. With access to postal routing databases from over 200 countries, we also realize international campaigns with the same high quality. Benefit from our many years of experience in data digitization from all regions of the world. We cannot digitize every aspect of your business, but we can take care of everything you need for your Spectos solution, such as collecting data on service quality or customer experience.

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