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Quality Management

Successful quality management requires well thought-out and stable management processes. Increasing digitization is creating new challenges and opportunities due to larger amounts of data and new types of survey methods.

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Optimize your quality management through professional collection and evaluation of data control instruments

Quality Management Cockpit

Simple and comprehensive cockpits and dashboards are gaining importance in the digitized work environment, especially in data and evaluation driven processes such as quality management. This seminar enables you to develop the tailor-made QM cockpit for your tasks and to anchor it to your company. By using simple and streamlined tools, you can put your cockpit into operation without long lead-times and thus saving yourself precious time when handling data.

Data analysis at the hospitality cockpit
  • Identify and automatically capture key metrics and data sources
  • Definition of the evaluation cycles and display variants
  • Presentation of key information on the structure of a cockpit
  • Recognize developments and trends in the data and display them correctly in the cockpit
  • From key figure reporting to control – integrate the QM Cockpit into company decisions
Seminar scenario for training in Lean Management

Scrum Quality Master

The SCRUM methodology originated from the software development field and has been successful in its use worldwide. The coordination of fragmented teams and rapidly changing requirements has created a new kind of project management, which, especially in the context of increasing digitization, can be increasingly used to a greater extent for other industries. This seminar uses practical examples to convey the basics of SCRUM and how you can successfully use them for yourself.

  • Reaction and management of daily new or changing requirements
  • Properly record and describe requirements
  • Manage tasks and resources agile in sprints
  • IT tools for agile management
  • Organize team meetings properly without losing time

Complaint Management

The digitalization of the business world and new consumer behaviors of customers are changing the way service companies work and how they reorient their business model to their customers. Complaints, feedback and assessments are now central to working with all customers. This seminar teaches modern approaches to deal with complaints and feedback and how to manage them holistically.

Spectos Complaint Management Ticket System on Tablet
  • Specifically record and categorize complaints and feedback
  • Correct assessments and responses to complaints and feedbacks
  • Setup of evaluation cockpits and continuous quality tracking
  • Derive measures from complaints and feedback and use them for process improvement
  • Linkage of complaints registration with quality management systems