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General Management

Update your business knowledge in General Management

Knowledge-based data and management processes require targeted training and further education for the leaders in a company. The mutual learning of subject-specific quality and efficiency management coupled together with fundamental business know-how guarantees success!

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Controlling, Accounting and Finance for Executives

In a short amount of time, you will receive a compact but comprehensive overview of the most important instruments necessary for you to participate and contribute to any financial discussions. This seminar gives executives and professionals the ability to assess and analyze the financial consequences of their decisions.

Workshop zum Thema Finance & Controlling
  • Construction and conception of financial planning and budgeting systems
  • Mapping of financial and non-financial performance through measurement systems
  • Decision support for Make-or-Buy analyzes through profitability analysis
  • Active cost management: analyzing and influencing cost structures
  • Cost and result simulations for process improvements
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Marketing and Strategy for Executives

Seminar on Marketing and Strategy

This seminar is intended to give a better understanding of marketing and strategy. Executives and professionals will learn about the key success factors of modern marketing and strategy development. By the end of the course, they will be able to work and evaluate useful concepts. The tools taught in this seminar are intended to help achieve ambitious product, market and customer profitability goals.

  • Securing the company’s success as a core task of strategic management
  • Hybrid competitive strategies in response to globalization, digitization, slow growth
  • Analysis of existing and development of new business models
  • Designing innovative marketing concepts
  • Marketing Mix 4.0: Using communication channels efficiently