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Our Six Sigma approach for better performance

Six Sigma is a set of strategies, techniques, and tools used to improve processes and operations. According to its principles, listening to the customer is imperative to improve service quality and deliver an even better customer experience.

Although originally invented for and applied in manufacturing, Six Sigma is being increasingly implemented in the service industry. Due to the new, much more active role consumers are playing in shaping today’s businesses and industries, the importance of putting customers at the center of your efforts is indisputable.

We believe that consistency is key when it comes to generating and keeping repeat customers. You can rely on a loyal customer base to not only pay more for good service, but also pay more more often.

Our software suite is based on the Six Sigma approach and combines all the features you need for performance management and continuous improvement.

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20 Years of Experience

Since being founded by Niels Delater in 2001 in Dresden, Germany, Spectos has supported leading companies with business performance improvement for over 15 years.

Why Do We Follow Six Sigma?

Six Sigma approaches have been proven to be successful in the quality improvement processes in a broad array of industries and departments. Six Sigma’s DMAIC method is especially effective for pinpointing and reducing sources of error in businesses.

Our systems are built on the principles of Six Sigma, and we can proudly say that our customers entrust in a product that will help them add real value to their daily business and achieve the highest standards of service quality possible.

We've built a diverse team of Researchers, Account Managers, Mathematicians, Analysts, Designers, Engineers

Our team is comprised of experts from various industries & specialist fields. Consisting of over 120 employees, our international team includes market researchers, engineers, graphic designers, mathematicians, analysts, and account managers fully capable of designing and implementing the right system for your individual requirements.

Meet our experts

Six Sigma Active Partners

We work closely with multiple Six Sigma experts to keep our products up to date and as close to the Six Sigma philosophy as possible.

Six Sigma Courses

You want to learn more about this approach and how to apply it to your business? We support courses.