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On-Site Projects

Spectos has a reliable team of collaborators and partners which are well equipped to help you on-site with all things customer experience. Our experience helps customers around the world collect even more feedback, create even better surveys, and prepare for mystery shopping measures. We gladly assist clients in receiving as many results as possible for their measurement or Spectos system, and in seamlessly integrating their existing processes and touchpoints into the software to ensure a smooth user experience.

Social Media Integration & Monitoring

There are too many social networks out there to count! So why not let our social media experts monitor them for you? We maintain your social media presence by not only monitoring, but responding to social feedback, tags, and mentions on your behalf. The most important comments can be forwarded to your organization as a ticket or push notification, enabling your staff to easily follow up on critical opinions or look into specific occurrences. Moreover, we help you identify valuable feedback for better marketing and important suggestions for more data-driven decisions.


All general reports, analyses, and evaluations are already covered in your individual system. However, when it comes to a special report or presentation for your next board meeting or customer conference, feel free to fall back on us. We’ll pinpoint the insights you require to the tell the story you need to get your point across.

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