Digitize paper communication to receive a comprehensive view of all your data.

Data collection methods are shying away from traditional processes and are taking shape in many new, digital forms, just as customer communication is as well. Since strong customer relationships are imperative to the success of a company, it is important to remain infromed about new communication channels and technologies. However, there will always be customers bound to use traditional methods to get in touch with you, even long after you’ve forgotten paper exists.

Having all of your channels connected and digitized is an essential part of organizing, and therefore managing customer interactions and opinions, which is why we provide our customers with practical digitization and data entry services. These services can be integrated into many existing systems.

We can’t digitize every aspect of your business, but we can take care of everything you need for your Spectos solution, such as collecting data on service quality or the customer experience. Our digitization service is an essential, supporting part of our core software and service. We are confident that we provide a much more reliable service than other all-in-one digitization companies can.

Digitization Services:

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Data entry & conversion
  • Image processing
  • Layout and design
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