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Why real-time trackers are more than smart gadgets for shipment tracking

Nicole Cruschwitz

Jan 6, 2021

Why real-time trackers are more than smart gadgets for shipment tracking

Nicole Cruschwitz

Jan 6, 2021

What is your supply chain emergency plan?

There are many reasons for disruptions to occur in a supply chain, such as cross-border interference, missing goods, or delays in transport and delivery due to COVID-19. Whatever the cause, they all have a negative impact on business processes, profit and customer satisfaction. It is often difficult to find out what happened in the supply chain due to a lack of information. Imagine the possibilities if you had access to real-time status information of your shipments at any time! What if your shipments’ data were available 24/7 – no matter where they are in the world?

From precise data to comprehensive supply chain insights

Various track-and-trace solutions provide supply chain visibility. For years, Spectos has been using RFID technology to monitor the service quality of logistics service providers. RFID technology is considered a successful method for quality measurement. It is a reliable tool to optimize selected workflows. However, it has a decisive disadvantage when it comes to end-to-end supply chain visibility: Information of shipments is only obtained at specific reading points of RFID gates. Thus, RFID technology, which requires the setup of a reading infrastructure, is limited to providing partial information. If something happens between the reading points, it is highly unlikely to find out the causes.

RFID scanning process

RFID requires an extensive infrastructure, and a dense network of reader gates. Yet, the system has a major flaw as it provides status information only at reading points.

To ensure continuous quality monitoring along the supply chain from end to end, Spectos therefore expanded its technology portfolio with loT-based real-time trackers from Kizy Tracking. Real-time trackers can be used as a supplement to RFID technology, to gain detailed insights into the supply chain.

Full transparency with Kizy’s supply chain trackers

What are Kizy Tracking’s key benefits for delivery quality monitoring? How does it support postal and logistics service providers in tracking consignments and thus continuously improve their service quality?

  • Kizy trackers can be easily integrated into the supply chain. The data is sent immediately – there is no need for additional infrastructure setup. All you have to do is start your mission. That’s it!
  • Kizy’s real-time trackers allow cross-border shipment tracking. They provide continuous shipment information – no matter the carrier or the transit country’s information system.
  • With a battery life of up to one year, Kizy provides an energy-efficient tracking solution. Its long autonomy guarantees consistent transparency throughout your entire supply chain.
  • End-to-end visibility through mobile networks and WiFi: Kizy trackers enable global connectivity via GSM networking. Thus, they can provide tracking information where GPS trackers fail, i.e. from the inside of containers and warehouses. This is extremely important, as this is where shipments are usually located most of the time.

End-to-End supply chain visibility becomes a reality with real-time trackers

  • Versatile and flexible in use: In addition to global shipment tracking, Kizy trackers can also be used for specific applications, such as asset tracking, inventory management or cold chain compliance through temperature monitoring.
  • Time efficiency through API: Adaptations to new systems almost always require a lot of time and effort. Using an open API enables companies to skip this  hurdle. Instead, it allows a fast and simple data integration into internal company systems, which is particularly useful for networks involving various partners. Kizy Tracking thus provides seamless and precise insights into delivery, transfer, sorting and logistics processes.
  • Cost savings: Kizy Tracking gives you the possibility to be proactive, sending you a notification even before problems arise. Adjust the settings according to your needs and receive an alert as soon as there is a deviation in route, temperature or schedule. Acting quickly will save postal and logistics operators valuable time and reduce costs. 
  • Small, light and inconspicuous: Kizy’s real-time trackers are versatile. With their small size and light weight (42 g), the trackers are no bigger than a credit card. They can simply be put in an envelope and easily be sent via post to be reused wherever their next mission is set out to be.

Supply chain excellence with real-time trackers: This is how Spectos uses live data for quality monitoring and performance optimization

Kizy's real-time trackers can be easily hidden in any shipment

Successful cross-border supply chain management with Kizy Tracking

Before letters and parcels reach their final destination, they are passed back and forth between sorting centers, depots and hubs. Logistical processes are a matter of timing and precise scheduling. Delays and interruptions have an impact on the entire delivery process. From redistributing work processes in sorting centers to reorganizing the follow-up transport, they ultimately extend the delivery time to the customer.

Spectos aims to support postal operators in improving the quality of complex logistics networks by providing the means for continuous quality monitoring. Integrating Kizy’s real-time tracking data into supply chain monitoring allows for information gaps to be closed. For example, for detailed analyses of its delivery processes and to investigate issues of delay, Spectos’ customer Postcon Germany uses live tracking as a complementary technology in addition to measurements with RFID. All tracking data, together with information from the test panel, is integrated, analyzed and visualized in specific Post & Logistics Cockpits, a tailored form of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ platform for logistics operators. The continuous monitoring and analyses of a supply chain is an important instrument for quality management, allowing companies to implement targeted and systematic improvement measures.

Reports and visualized analyses of tracking data in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

Example of a post & logistics dashboard of the Spectos RTPM™ Suite

Are you struggling with a lack of supply chain transparency? Our special offer

Live trackers cannot prevent delays on the transport route, but they can help detect causes of disruptions early in time. Therefore, companies can react both in the short and long term. Proactive supply chain management “de-stresses” everyday work and, above all, improves partner relations, service quality and customer satisfaction.

What challenges are you currently facing? When looking for a supply chain solution, strategically selecting one can be a difficult choice. However, we have an idea of how to make your decision easier. Find out if Kizy’s supply chain tracker is a solution that is suitable for your needs and fits to your processes. Order Kizy’s test kit and try out the tracking service without limitations for up to 3 months. The trackers are available to you at no commitment. If you wish to continue Kizy’s service after the test phase ends, you can simply continue using them, based on regular pricing. Sounds like it’s worth giving a try? Your solution for supply chain visibility may be no further than one click away. 

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