Project Management

A team you can count on. Let us assist you in managing individual projects to ensure success.


Find the perfect performance management system for you

What do I really want to achieve with a measurement? How do I use the data I capture to improve my business? There are many aspects that filter into how a measurement is designed. We’ll assist you in finding answers, and solutions, to all of your questions. Our experts will gladly support you in defining the parameters of your measurement by taking all individual characteristics into consideration during the planning process, such as:

  • Location-based, cultural and traditional attributes
  • Governmental, regulatory body demands
  • Individual goals, KPIs, trends


Seamless integration of ready to run systems

Following the design phase, during which we work together to create the perfect measurement structure for you, we continue the collaboration in the implementation phase. We actively support clients with the integration of their new systems into existing processes to ensure a seamless transition.

Rely on our professional services to assist you in installing your monitoring system. We design and plan all solutions according to your own requirements and demands. We gladly define and recruit mystery panels for you, actively promote your survey, integrate RFID technology/other sensor systems, correctly store and digitize data, and help you create individual KPIs and dashboards.

  • Connection to existing systems & platforms
  • Panel creation and recruitment
  • Survey creation, configuration
  • Dashboard & report creation


Implemented systems to monitor and measure operations

After successfully implementing the system into your existing processes, the measurement of individual operations begins. We are glad to actively support you throughout the entire measurement. Our systems were built with your team in mind – the user-friendly database makes it simple to run and measure your performance on your own. However, should you need support with your system, our team is happy to help.

Benefit from our team’s support.

  • Ticket & to-do systems for assignment and overview of tasks
  • System surveillance and service quality measurement
  • Data integration, job management, ETL
  • Digitization and data entry services