Focus on reading your customers’ needs – not a software manual.

You can find data everywhere you look – it’s what you make of it that counts. Our cloud-based technology is designed for optimal simplicity, and our sleek & innovative dashboards make it easy to organize your data according to your processes and/or locations. In fact, our entire system is about you and your needs, which is why almost every component can be interchanged to complement your company’s existing processes exactly. We simply do not believe in one size fits all.

Each business is different, which is why we work with various building blocks to make our systems as flexible and adaptable as possible. Learn more about your operations and processes, regardless of which industry you’re in or what you need to measure.

In order to gain even better insight into your numerical data, use diverse smart sensors, adaptable pieces of technology which collect data for a range of aspects or reasons, to support your other data channels. By combining smart sensors with other types of data, such as customer feedback, beacons, RFID chips, survey feedback, and existing data from your CRM or ERP software, your data warehouse will be filled with enough data to successfully steer your measurement.

Software technology

Customizable, scalable system architecture for reliable results.

Connect and integrate

Our system is made to complement your existing apps, call center services, ticketing programs, CRM/ERP solutions, and web services in all important areas of your company. In order to provide you with the necessary degree of customizability, we work with all of the building blocks technology currently has to offer.

Our SaaS Platform provides you with highest level of accessibility, usability, and security, so you can always collaborate and connect with your team – no desk required!

Scalable data across the world

Our system collects and records your internal and external data channels to ensure that every important bit of information is being stored and saved, which you can then organize and scale according to your needs. Every employee across the board can be granted access to and create customizable reports, leaving tons of room for creativity! You can view individual details one minute and create large-scale reports the next. Then compare, analyse, and evaluate the data to improve business processes.

Open Source from the bottom up

The cloud technology found in Spectos‘ products is based on reliable Open Source libraries and frameworks. We support and are an active part of the transformation from desktop to mobile, which is why we invest in mobile first technology and responsive designs.

Go the extra mile

Once you’ve collected and analyzed enough data to plan targeted methods for improvement, it’s imperative to monitor and track the improvements you make to ensure they’re impacting business in a positive way. Your Spectos solution assists you in controlling your implemented measures and to evaluate their relevance and fine tune when required.

Integrated Hardware Technology

Smart sensors for even smarter analyses

iBeacons: precise location-based data

We invest in iBeacon technology for our clients. iBeacons are tiny Bluetooth devices you can attach to any flat surface which send out signals to detect smartphones in the proximity. Beacons help you keep track of how many customers walk by a certain location or trigger push notifications. GPS and GSM systems also use similar location-based technology.

RFID: tracking logistical processes

Innovative RFID technology will help you better understand how goods move by tracking their paths along the logistical chain in real time. Due to the small size of each chip and the flexibility of gates, data can be collected from a number of spots or products. Benefit from this technology by being able to silently track your merchandise from afar and a number of other things, such as measuring supplier quality.

Surveys and feedback: data straight from the source

Benefit from a built-in feedback management tool which allows you to gather valuable information about your business and raise customer satisfaction at the same time. To do so, we have a range of Plug’n’Play solutions for you to decide from, such as our Tablet Kiosk/Terminal or Smart Bill Folder. We also offer high-quality pre-programmed tablets for installation near touchpoints. Users can also submit feedback on their own smartphones. Regardless of the channel your customers choose to submit their feedback, it is available in real time and 24/7.

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