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Service Quality Management

Increase customer satisfaction by monitoring performance from the customer’s perspective.

Customer satisfaction and service quality are the core drivers of economical success. In order to remain relevant in competitive markets, determining customer expectations and focusing on areas important to customers is imperative. Precisely measure satisfaction by capturing touchpoint-related feedback and by opening an active dialogue with your customers. The classic complaint box, the paper & pencil survey at the cash register, or the well-hidden feedback form on the corporate website don’t cut it anymore.

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Transit Time Measurement EN 13850

Service quality monitoring for the postal industry according to EN 13850 / EN 14534

The heightened competition in the postal industry has led to an increase in quality awareness on both the customer’s and provider’s end. Nowadays, many public tenders request or require proof of service quality, especially when it comes to the postal provider’s transit and delivery times.

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Customer Experience Management

Manage the way customers perceive your brand and service.

Would your customers recommend your service to others? Your customers are the only ones who know exactly how their experience was and what they’d improve. There’s no need to guess – you can know how satisfied customers are with your company. They just need the chance to tell you!

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Enterprise Feedback Management

Manage feedback in real time to achieve better results

An Enterprise Feedback Management System is a vital platform for success. Many quality management systems like ISO 9001:2008 operate according to the Six Sigma or Total Quality Management principles. Enterprise Feedback Management Systems work well in simple, daily situations and incorporate all of your employees, corporate processes, partners, and customers into your improvement strategy.

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Complaint Management

Learn from customer’s complaints on a day-to-day base.

One of the most common reasons for complaints is due to expectations not being met. Quickly solving problems and reducing friction is key to retaining customers and protecting your corporate reputation. However, not all negative feedback has to be detrimental to success. Complaints are a great source of knowledge and give organizations the opportunity to identify and solve immediate individual problems for customers.

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