We develop customized solutions for a wide range of industries all over the world.

Transport & Logistics

Among our many clients are industry leaders in the postal & logistics industry. They have trusted in our services for over a decade. Our certified monitoring systems include:

Transit Time Measurement

Implementation of a full-service Performance Monitoring System in accordance with the European Standards EN 13850 and EN 14534 for addressed mail, unadressed mail, registered mail, packages, and eCommerce shipments.

Returns Performance Management

Quick and precise returns performance monitoring for clean and updated address databases, improved service quality, and simplified cash flow management.

Enquiry & Complaint Management

Feedback and complaint management systems for customers, partners, and suppliers along the supply chain on a day-to-day basis, providing you with better controls to manage logistic networks simpler, faster, better.


We support large retail & discounter enterprises by managing daily needs when it comes to measuring service quality and provide added value for daily tasks.

In-Store Customer Experience

Implementation of in-store customer experience systems along with customer behavior and frequency tracking. Data is analyzed as it happens, providing real time knowledge for single stores and branch networks.

Media & Marketing Monitoring

Advertisement tracking and monitoring is important for the effective planning and use of marketing budgets and response rates. Use the collected data from measurements to analyze quality down to individual store levels to make targeted actions on daily results.


Monitor customer interactions in real time to gain better results.

Customer Contact Monitoring

Monitoring of outbound customer contact processes, such as mail delivery, outgoing calls, and email. Measurement of the effectiveness of processes, comparison of suppliers, service levels, tender and procurement requirements.

Customer Experience Management

Implementation of comprehensive systems for the monitoring and management of customer satisfaction and customer experience along all customer touchpoints.


A system for enterprise performance management for high-pressure industries.

Guest Experience Management

Satisfied guests are more loyal, more likely to return and willing to pay more for great service. Guest experience management systems support you in your effort to build a loyal customer base and act on guest experiences quickly.

Enterprise Feedback Management

Great service is key in the hospitality industry. Implement a feedback management system for customers, employees and partners that enables simpler management and improvement of service.


The service industry is growing rapidly, as are the challenges that come with it. Customer perception is extremely important for the corporate reputation. We support leading electronics suppliers, healthcare companies, and franchise networks by monitoring their levels of service quality and help improve the way they present themselves to consumers.

Contact and Call Center Monitoring

Customer contact centers actively represent every brand. The quality of outsourced contact centers is crucial to overall service performance. Spectos performance monitoring helps to control contact center services.

Network & Partner Monitoring

Performance monitoring systems for an array of bring-in, pick-up or at-home services. Benefit from better controls for steering partner and supplier networks towards reaching service and customer satisfaction benchmarks, KPIs.