Loyal customers are the foundation of every high-performing organization.

What is the most precise approach to measuring the customer experience?

The Spectos Performance Management Suite supports organizations in monitoring and managing myriad communication channels through the implementation of innovative mobile and cloud-based technology, providing companies with completely new opportunities to gather feedback directly from the soruce and put it to immediate use.

The additional incorporation of sensor solutions and any operational data previously gathered through CRM Systems produces an interconnected view of your business performance. Our approach combines both of these supplementary aspects into one full-service system for next generation market research and even more in-depth insights.

The system’s scalable architecture was created for organizations from big to small, enabling the smooth, step-by-step integration and expansion of Performance Management Solutions in existing business structures.

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Listen to the voice of the customer to improve satisfaction

Give your customers a voice

We live in a world in which we are constantly on the move. Why shouldn’t you be able to communicate with customers on the go, too? Provide customers with the convenience of voicing their opinions when and however they prefer by offering digital communication channels they can access with their own smart phones, or by installing tablets or feedback terminals at important customer touch points across your organization. To additionally simplify communication with customers, integrate various social networks, live chats, customer hotlines, or review websites and monitor interactions on one centralized platform to save and reduce your reaction time.

Turn customers into your most valuable brand promoters

Having a positive corporate reputation is the most crucial aspect of being recognized as a trustworthy brand. Consistently monitoring the development of how your services are percieved and displayed by others will deliver you with a comprehensive grasp of customers’ expectations and experiences. By making this valuable information tangible for all levels across your organization, brand consistency and image improvement become a complete breeze.

Decipher behavior patterns with traffic tracking technology

Spectos enables companies to interconnect and compare data from multiple sources to generate a broader view of business performance and customer satisfaction. Trust in retail analytics to capture customer activities inside and around physical locations, revealing previously unknown and unobserved areas for improvements and completely new possibilities to increase lead generation.

Interact with customers on a personal level

Our pool of call center agents has extensive experience in providing the telecommunication services required to conduct scientific measurements, record customer requests, and understand the importance of the voice of the customer. This unique service and the corresponding software can be easily integrated into any existing customer support systems to improve the quality of statistical studies or customer hotlines.


Provide employees with real feedback from real customers to help them make well-founded, data-driven decisions

Benefit from a precise measurement system

Whether you need to drill down or drill through – use Spectos’ analytics and data presentation methods to view your data from myriad perspectives. We’re all about choices, which is why our system gives you as many freedoms as possible. Monitor your daily operational data or check in weekly to recognize overall trends. Zoom in to focus on a single action; zoom out to see entire locations or departments. Monitor the success of individual actions or see how close you are to reaching a goal by defining your own KPIs. Compare performance to competitors, the past, or where you want to be in the future. Your data is ready for its close up!

Manage tickets and assign employees to-dos

Motivate and engage entire teams and departments to improve their performance by making customer feedback available across your organization. Be transparent with employees and involve them in the decision making and goal setting process. By equipping top performers with the right tools at the right time on the platforms they love, they’ll become even more efficient and determined to grow, which is bound to boost your business performance.

Customize alerts for critical events & instant insights

Define and set alerts according to personalized parameters to be notified immediately if and when specific events occur or certain aspects of your business need extra attention. After all, instant responses and awareness are key when it comes to solving potentially detrimental errors or issues.

Give your team constant access to information

Your staff achieves more as a team. Our software was not only built to simplify collaboration, but also to improve internal communications in general. You decide who is granted access to what, and if you would like those selected top performers to have full data transparency, or just be able to see a piece of the pie. The choice is yours – everything is possible.


Engage everyone in your company – from the frontline to the top floor – with the right tools, reports, and analytics

Make data accessible anywhere, anytime

Enable managers on the move to access data on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The provision of one-pagers and the Spectos’ innovative dashboard will keep you informed around the clock, regardless of where you are and what you’re doing. Now that’s what we call freedom.

Get creative with intuitive and customizable features

At Spectos, your data won’t be made to fit our system. Our system is made to fit your data. Customize your settings to be automatically notified when specific events occur or figures develop. An additional integrated benchmarking tool enables easy historical comparison and competitor analyses. Stop searching and start knowing to become an even more effective manager. Make our system yours.

Save time with real-time reports and centralized information

Receive comprehensive reports comprised of data from various sources to gain an in-depth understanding of business performance. Obtain statistically valid results for improvements that you and your organization can trust in and build on.

Improve internal performance management

Keep track of each individual employee’s performance, from executive management to frontline staff. Determine which areas your employees can improve in, and in which they perform well. No matter what you’re looking to monitor, our software helps you keep track of all of your processes and manage data immediately.

  • Customer orientation, quality, and service are of paramount importance at Postcon Germany. For transparent and proactive quality assurance, we rely on Spectos, a partner who has supported us for years with reliable and innovative solutions.

    – Georg Weiß, Quality Director, Postcon Germany
  • The thing I value most about Feedbackstr is that it gives us the ability to act on customer suggestions and criticism quickly. Thanks to the dashboard tool, staff and management alike are able to access the information immediately. This enables us to make customer desires reality, and do it quickly.

    – Mr. Schneider, Founder, Zoo & Co.
  • Feedbackstr enables us to regularly measure our quality of service. We are able to gather not only valuable feedback on mail quality via the recipient survey, but it also provides us with helpful comments and suggestions, which in turn help us guarantee better delivery quality and unlimited service for our customers.

    – Michael Ulbrich, CEO, Post Modern
  • We use Feedbackstr to ask our customers regularly about their opinion on our service and range of products. The results help us to better respond to customer needs by holding training sessions with our employees and optimizing the overall set-up and range of products available in our LandMAXX stores.

    – Stefan Birnbaum, Head of Purchasing & Marketing, Land Maxx
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