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The Smart Mailbox helps Postal Operators Optimize Delivery and Unloading of Letters and Mail Items

Route planning, monitoring of collection times and location optimization for mailbox placements are all benefits gained with the Spectos Smart Mailbox solution. It is an easy but innovative solution that lets postal providers optimize route planning for pick up of letters and other mail items. What was once a tedious process is streamlined for monitoring throughout the whole year with minimal amount of maintenance. In essence, the Smart Mailbox can lower operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, help in capturing big data and give a clear overview of your supply chain process.

Benefits gained by the Smart Mailbox

  • Location optimization for mailboxes through ongoing mail volume measurements
  • Monitoring of collection times
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Display of real-time data in customized cockpits
  • Immediate evaluation and control of any logistics process
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Innovative Technology that is Easy to Implement

The Smart Mailbox solution by Spectos is innovative and very easy to implement into any postal IT system. Not just a tool for the postal industries, our solution can be adapted for private persons with special needs that may have a mobility hindrance in retrieving their mail. Once a sensor is placed inside the mailbox it automatically starts sending a signal. Through all types of inclement weather, the battery and sensors continue to operate, with no or minimal maintenance. No matter the mail volume, the battery can last up to 3 months.

Smart Mailbox in use
Reports at the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

The Smart Mailbox benefits clients by giving real-time monitoring, analysis and reporting. Daily operations are supported by the sending of alerts when issues have been detected.

Technology Facts of the Smart Mailbox

  • Long Battery Life (>3 month period)
  • continuous information about the battery charge status
  • IoT Technology
  • Movement Sensor