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End-to-end monitoring in real time: The Spectos Post & Logistics Cockpit

Sample presentations of cockpits and illustrated key figures for postal and parcel service providers & bulk mailers

The Spectos Postal & Logistics Cockpit is a specific form of the Spectos Real-Time-Performance ManagementTM Suite (RTPM). The cockpit can be accessed from anywhere and at any time via an easily accessible web application and requires no separate installation.

  • Cockpit solution especially developed for your individual needs and objectives
  • Different role concepts ensure specific access authorizations and different views depending on hierarchy
General view in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit
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Monitoring and Controlling

Quality monitoring and supply chain transparency in real time

Receiving rates and trends at the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

The continuous collection of data guarantees the complete and seamless monitoring of the entire delivery process in real-time and provides detailed insights into individual process steps.

  • Real-time reports enable a consistent process monitoring and the development of targeted measures
  • Provision of detailed information on the delivery of shipments with numerous filter options

Compare all factors which may impact your delivery quality. Different filter let you recognize important factors to optimize your daily operations.

  • Monitoring of important quality factors like delivery rate, complaints, returns and more
  • Automated alerts and push notifications via SMS, email or app for critical events
Reports and reports in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit
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Easy identification of deviations and process anomalies

Performance comparison in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

Compare all factors that influence your delivery quality over a longer time period and identify hidden potentials. Various filter options give you important information for optimizing proven processes.

  • Continuous comparability of your performance: Comparability of company-own KPIs, external benchmarks and other analyses
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports available for export

Modern technologies such as GSM-based real-time trackers or RFID solutions let you precisely locate your mailings and shipments and help prevent inefficiencies and losses.

  • Get precise and comprehensive insights into processes end-to-end
  • In accordance with European standards DIN EN 13850 and DIN EN 14534
Tracking overview in the Postal & Logistics Cockpit