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Live Tracking solutions for Postal & Logistics by Spectos

Boost your Organization’s Efficiencies with Live Tracking Solutions by Spectos

Live Tracker solutions by Spectos offer a flexible and powerful tool to provide your organization a clear view of your supply chain. The credit card size trackers allow for an easy and cost effective way to create more efficiencies and transparencies with your logistics processes. With our Live Tracker solutions you have limitless benefits for your organization.


Integrations for Logistics Companies & Postal Operators

Tracking of Trucks & Vehicles

  • Monitoring of line haul tours
  • Live Alerting on delays
  • On-Time pickup & arrival
  • Waiting times at sort centers
  • Checking of corrects routes
  • Opening of trucks & vehicles
  • Fraud & theft prevention

Tracking of Mailbags & Trolleys

  • Track pickup from customers
  • Live alerts on misrouting
  • Processing time at hubs
  • Checking of scan events
  • Virtualization of tracking / scan events (e.g. for online shops)
  • Fraud & theft prevention

Tracking of Letters & Shipments

  • Track single items end to end
  • Create electronic test items
  • Quality control of all processes
  • Full visibility for high value shipments
  • Measure return processes of parcels and goods

Gain valuable insights into your supply chains with Live Tracking data

  • Prevention of theft and abuse of high value assets
  • Simplification of quality monitoring of internal and external processes
  • Improvement of service quality
  • Inventory management and audit
  • E-commerce tracking

    Process chain when using the live tracker

    Transparency of the e-commerce supply chain from pickup to delivery of a package through measurements with the Spectos Live Tracker and visualisation of the data in the real-time dashboard

Innovation meets Service Quality: Spectos and Kizy create solutions for global supply chain visibility in real-time

In our daily lives or in business, innovation is created when like-minded persons and enterprises come together to offer solutions to solve questions that can better the overall experience of all stake holders.

Spectos and Kizy work in building multi-layered solutions for all industries looking to better their service quality or to have a clearer visibility of their supply chain processes.

Take a look at what Kizy can offer with the cutting edge Kizy Tracker.

Kizy Live TrackinKizy Live Tracking for Post & Logisticsg für Post & Logistik

End-to-end supply chain transparency – Worldwide with real-time IoT data

Quality + Performance + Convenience

Along with our global Spectos panel and GSM coverage to over 98% of the world’s countries, any mail item can be monitored and all live trackers easily returned using the UPU IBRS system. The Spectos real-time cockpits and dashboards enable a quality monitoring of your supply chains and delivery networks in real-time, anytime and anywhere!

Solution Tracker Cockpits
Spectos Solutions Header Image

Spectos creates solutions to optimize processes while Kizy provides innovation in furthering the collection of data with real-time IoT data

'With Kizy we always benefit from the same level of end-to-end supply chain visibility, no matter with which transporter we actually work.'

Maarku Sauvala - Sales Director, ProStarLog