WMX, World Mail & Express Asia Conference 2018 

The leading postal and logistics conference in Asia, the World Mail & Express Asia conference will take place in Hong Kong this year from the 16th to 18th of September. There will be three days of keynote speeches, case studies and open discussions. The theme of the conference is : The Road to Global Delivery; and aims to bring together the topics that are of current interest to the Asian postal and logistics industries.

Agendas include: Belt and Road Initiative, Online Marketplaces, Inner City Challenges/Solutions and Postal Transformation.

Niels Delater, Spectos CEO, will be a keynote speaker at WMX Asia. Spectos GmbH offers continuous and certified measuring of service quality management in the postal service industry. Innovative end-to-end technologies such as RFID and Live Trackers are utilized in bringing accurate and in depth insights to logistics processes.

Data4City and beyond

Spectos GmbH in partnership with TU Dresden, is involved in the development of urban data platforms such as Data4City, which provide solutions to serve the needs of residents and the postal sector alike.

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