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Supply chain visibility ends late delivery surprises: Webinar invitation

Feb 27, 2020

Supply chain visibility ends late delivery surprises: Webinar invitation

The outbreak of COVID-19 has a negative impact on the international supply chain. It has brought logistics in some part of the world to almost a complete standstill, and disrupted many of the businesses from automobile to food and necessities. It is a great reminder for players in the logistics and supply chain industry on the importance of supply chain visibility and quality monitoring of one’s goods.

Supply chain management with real-time Track and Trace

Level of service quality is a crucial determinant for customer loyalty. For manufacturers, retailers and suppliers to have end-to-end quality assurance, it is paramountcy to establish supply chain visibility from producers to consumers. Live tracking devices help companies trace their goods and commodities flow in real-time and predict estimated-time-of-arrival with great accuracy. With the availability of real-time actionable data, users are now able to react and solve delivery and transportation issues more quickly. 

Webinar: Supply chain visibility and end-to-end quality control

Spectos uses real-time trackers from Kizy Tracking for end-to-end quality monitoring of postal deliveries, so that they can identify delivery anomalies as well as to find out about the root causes of bottlenecks within the supply chain through live data.

Gain supply chain visibility with Kizy Tracking.

Ever wonder how you can improve your supply chain management with real-time granular data? And what are the solutions available that can help you further enhance your customer experience and increase customer loyalty? Join us for our free webinar on March 3, 2020 to find out more on how supply chain visibility plays an important role even during times of normalcy to ensure positive customer experience.

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