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No more late delivery surprises with supply chain visibility: Webinar invitation

Dec 4, 2019

No more late delivery surprises with supply chain visibility: Webinar invitation

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now the fast approaching holiday season: Although everyone from retailers to freight forwarders and postal and parcel delivery services is working hard, smooth business processes and on-time deliveries during peak times present enormous challenges. How can they be overcome?

Supply chain transparency with Track and Trace in real-time

A high service quality is a decisive factor for customer loyalty. For the most possible success in peak times and beyond, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers need transparency in their supply chains ‒ from production to delivery. Live trackers enable the tracing of flows of goods and commodities in real-time. Delivery forecasts can be made with great precision. Real-time tracking data also makes it possible to react better to delivery problems and transport delays and to fix problems more quickly.

Webinar: Supply Chain visibility and quality control end-to-end

Spectos uses real-time trackers by Kizy Tracking for example for the quality monitoring of postal deliveries. Live tracking data provides deep insights into the causes of deviations and allows bottlenecks in supply chains to be identified.

Parcel services in Christmas timeAre you considering if real-time tracking data can be of added value for your business operations? Join the free webinar on December 5, 2019 and find out how you can optimize partner relations and customer satisfaction with supply chain visibility.

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