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Spectos in Parcel and Postal Technology International

Aug 11, 2020

Spectos in Parcel and Postal Technology International

Have you read our article in the June edition of the Parcel and Postal Technology International Magazine! Aside from the smart advertisement, there is also an exciting story about how Spectos supports the postal & logistics industry in monitoring and control of service quality in real time.

Monitoring real-time performance through data analytics

Developing an app to improve customer experience is all well and good, but in order for it to be successful companies need to ensure that it meets and satisfies its consumers’ needs.

“While modern enterprises are introducing new products to remain competitive, it is their service quality that eventually emerges as the deal-breaker,” says Niels Delater, CEO of Spectos, a provider of solutions to help companies better understand their customers and processes.

Receiving rates and trends at the Postal & Logistics Cockpit

Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite: a Postal and Parcel Technology to improve service quality

Spectos has worked closely with a number of postal companies around the world to help them understand, measure and monitor the KPIs critical to the quality of their services. This is achieved by continuously collecting, aggregating and analyzing quality indicators such as transit times and integrating them with customer feedback, collected through multiple touchpoints.

“At the core of our offering is the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite (RTPM Suite), an SaaS platform with services and modules for the ongoing monitoring of business-relevant information in real time,” Delater explains. “We combine the voice of the customer in our Enterprise Feedback Management System with operational data from ERP and CRM systems and sensor data gathered from real-time tracking, RFID and wi-fi systems. The data is then validated and analysed. Insights are delivered through performance reports to users via personalized dashboards built into the RTPM Suite.”

The Spectos RTPM™ Suite is part of the Spectos technology Since March 2010, bpost from Belgium has been monitoring delivery quality of postal services using a measurement system built by Spectos that uses RFID technology for priority mail. For Post Luxembourg, Spectos helped develop a transit time measurement system to measure quality of services for letters. “For outbound and inbound mail (from abroad), readings are provided by the IPC, and Post Luxembourg uses our data analyses via the Spectos RTPM Suite to discover where delays occur in the process phases of collection, sorting and distribution, to take targeted measures,” adds Delater. Post Luxembourg is now considering integrating RFID into its test items so it can determine the exact reasons for any delays between sending and receiving items.