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Spectos goes multimedia – new YouTube videos

Dec 9, 2019

Spectos goes multimedia – new YouTube videos

We are currently expanding our Spectos multimedia activities. We have developed some videos, which can be viewed on our YouTube Channel!

Spectos goes multimedia with youtube channel

We know that everyone starts small. With our latest clips about Video Coding (EN and GER) we are currently featuring 10 publications on our YouTube Channel! 

Our channel provides you the opportunity to inform yourself about Spectos and our subject-specific content in a visual way. Learn more about our solutions and services and meet our international team. Because we are a global company, it’s important for us to present ourselves multilingually. With fewer written words and more visual content, everyone is able to understand what we do.

Practice makes perfect

You want to see how we develop and (hopefully) get better in video production? Then subscribe to our channel! You can also follow us on other social media accounts:

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