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New Feedback Terminals at Max Dresden

Jul 26, 2019

New Feedback Terminals at Max Dresden

The Max-Großstadtcafé and Max-Szenecafé trendy locations now use feedback terminals to measure customer satisfaction. This enables the gastronomy operator Max Dresden to record the customer experience of its guests on site – fresh and unadulterated – and to derive concrete measures for optimizing customer satisfaction from the findings.

You plan to continuously measure and increase the customer satisfaction in your company? Do it like Max, a local restaurant in the heart of Dresden, and start using Feedbackstr! With Feedbackstr you can create customized questionnaires fitting to your company. Combine different feedback channels such as QR codes, feedback terminals or links to meet your customers´ habits at best to register a high response rate. Access your data centralized and in easy to understand graphics and reports. It’s as simple as it sounds. (If desired, we will also support you in this process.) Do it like Max and increase your customer satisfaction and service quality with Feedbackstr!

Because the customer is king!

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