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New passive RFID readers for letterboxes

Nov 29, 2019

New passive RFID readers for letterboxes

This week, Spectos introduced its latest technology to monitor the quality of last mile delivery. Installed in mailboxes, the passive RFID readers, so called Last Mile Units (LMUs), record test letters that are equipped with passive RFID tags. The data is transferred to servers based on the latest NB-IoT technology. Thanks to the passive RFID technology, the LMUs are very energy-efficient, with batteries lasting up to several months.

As an expert in the use of RFID technology for quality monitoring of logistics operations, Spectos develops and operates a comprehensive RFID infrastructure. This includes RFID devices, RFID tags, interfaces, databases and a cloud-platform for real-time performance management. Additionally, Spectos offers services for the production of RFID equipped test letters, and for return collection, and maintenance and administration of RFID device fleets such as status monitoring of all devices.

Spectos positions itself as a technology provider with its own Last Mile Unit for the letterbox

With the in-house development of passive RFID readers for letterboxes, Spectos strengthens its offering as a technology provider for the postal and logistics industry. The Last Mile Units will support data collection and data verification for delivery time measurements of mailings. Thanks to the long autonomy, no handling is required on the part of the panel participants.

The Last Mile Units are targeted at companies that work with passive RFID tags and do not yet use passive RFID readers on the last mile in mailboxes, for example for the selective verification of panelist statements in regions with strong delivery deviations. In addition, passive RFID technology can be used complementary to semi-active RFID technology.

As a certified expert for transit time measurements, Spectos offers everything required for a complete quality monitoring of logistics processes from a single source. This encompasses the development of a measurement design, worldwide panel management, the use of innovative technologies like real-time track and trace with Kizy Tracking and RFID for data collection, and data analysis in customized cockpits of the cloud-based platform of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management SuiteTM.

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