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New Case Study: Postcon Germany

Oct 11, 2019

New Case Study: Postcon Germany

Transparency of our data that is specifically used for quality management is our top priority. With Spectos, we have had a partner for many years, with whom we can flexibly and in an agile approach advance the further development of our quality management by being able to retrieve the right performance indicators at a glance for the continuous improvement of our processes and customer satisfaction.

Markus Zubke | Director Quality Management | Postcon Germany

Postcon Germany: Targeted process optimization based on advanced data analysis

We are proud to have been supporting Germany’s second largest mail service provider, Postcon Germany, in quality monitoring and quality management with our technologies and services for many years. In the course of this long-term cooperation, a tailor-made SaaS platform has been developed with which the huge daily data volumes of the postal company are consolidated, analyzed and visualized based on the particular information needs of the persons in charge. Learn in the case study how Postcon Germany uses the Spectos Real-Time Performance ManagementTM Suite to efficiently manage its Big Data and apply the findings to ongoing process optimization. How can detailed insights into delivery times and quality be obtained? How can deviations and irregularities in the network be identified quickly? How do Live Tracking solutions enable specific detailed measurements of the delivery process? Read more in our Case Study.

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