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What does the future of mailboxes in Germany look like?

Oct 14, 2020

What does the future of mailboxes in Germany look like?

The Spectos Mailbox Monitor 2020

We are pleased to announce the results of the Spectos Mailbox Monitor 2020. In the Germany-wide online survey, 2636 participants answered a total of 37 questions and shared their perceptions, preferences and expectations regarding the postal market as well as their thoughts on the future of letter post and the mailbox.

mailbox-monitor-2020-spectos-infographic-study-resultsThe survey, which has been conducted for 3 consecutive years now, reflects the current opinions of mail recipients in Germany. Furthermore, it provides a holistic view on the topics of delivery quality and mail reception: this year’s edition does not only contain recurring topics, but also questions with regard to current circumstances, such as the COVID-19 lockdown.  

What the delivery of the future should look like in the recipients’ point of view is of particular interest to postal service providers. Which services are useful? Which quality features do consumers appreciate? Is digital the new normal? What are must-haves and no-gos in the delivery of letters and consignments? The Mailbox Monitor 2020 offers great added value for understanding the German postal market and its recipients.

Request the study results!

In addition, the Spectos Mailbox Monitor 2020 contains insights into postal developments, such as the pre-announcement of shipments via photos that are sent to the smartphone, the value of addressed vs. unaddressed advertising, and communication preferences with administrations and insurance companies. Are you interested in receiving the complete results of the survey? We will gladly send you the study at no charge. Please contact us by mail or use below contact form!


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