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Data4City proposed a solution for digital citizen participation in Vienna

Apr 27, 2020

Data4City proposed a solution for digital citizen participation in Vienna

Vienna, the world’s most liveable city, is also one of the global leaders in the field of Smart City. The Austrian capital is now taking steps to further develop itself into a Smart City by organizing a competition that brings together IT providers, innovative drivers and creatives to share their ideas and solutions on design for a collaborative city. Data4City, a German-based innovation project, took up the opportunity and also contributed its solution for a collaborative city within Vienna.

The challenge is to improve the existing platform and create a space for open and transparent communication between citizens, where they can share their opinions and ideas. The platform should not only provide an opportunity for citizens to participate and engage with each other, but also be flexible and innovative at multiple levels to provide ample digital support for its participants.

Data4City is confident that the CITY_CODE toolbox with its transparent and innovative solution can encourage more active citizen participation in Vienna.

Data4City solution provider for participation challenge in ViennaCITY_CODE creates a platform that caters for both online and offline citizen participation

The CITY_CODE is a joint project between Data4City and U_CODE from Technical University of Dresden to provide a comprehensive solution for cities and municipalities that enables citizens participation from both online and offline across all boards. The instrument box consists of 2 components: a platform for digital city monitoring and hyperlocal surveys, developed by Data4City and Spectos, as well as a method and toolset U_CODE for the implementation of participation and co-design campaigns. The winners for the competition will be announced at the beginning of June – and until then, Data4City will continue to work on other ongoing projects such as a survey on electromobility. 

Thumbs up for the CITY_CODE

You can play a part too! Do you like the idea of the digital participation platform provided by CITY_CODE? Support Data4City as a solution provider and vote for us before 4th May