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Wanted: Beta Testers for PinCity App

Aug 26, 2019

Wanted: Beta Testers for PinCity App

Data4City needs your support! The smart city research project Data4City explores new ways of collecting data with the help of a local community of citizens. The aim is to create an alternative to the trend of sensor-based smart city projects to gather data in our cities.

On August 26, 2019, the PinCity App was officially launched. With the app, citizens can answer location-related questions about cleanliness, security, parking, bin and container filling levels and more, helping to create a real-time data basis for urban services. In addition, users can tag and share their own location-related topics, ideas and issues.

We are looking for testers who work or live in the quartier Johannstadt in Dresden. Please support our project by testing the app and sharing this information!

The PinCity App can be downloaded on the Data4City website, the App Store or Google Play. The 100 most active testers have a chance to win a 25€ voucher.


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