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Real-time reporting with the Spectos Mobility Cockpit

Excerpt views of the Mobility Cockpit to continuously monitor passenger satisfaction

The Mobility Cockpit is a specific form of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management™ Suite (RTPM).It has been developed for transport providers in local, long-distance and air traffic. The Mobility Cockpit centralizes the feedback from passenger surveys and ensures the quick and easy analysis of the results. The Mobility Cockpit enables:

  • Evaluation and analysis of all data in real-time based on EN 13816 
  • Automatic allocation of feedback to individual vehicles, airplanes, lines and stops to identify service quality of selected objects
General Overview at the Mobility Cockpit
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Your Advantages

All Trends at a Glance - Even in detail

Performance Details at the Mobility Cockpit

Get precise insights into the ratings of individual quality factors. Detailed analyses in real-time allow for targeted actions to continuously improve the service quality in public transport.

  • Top & flop rankings and trends to benchmark performance within seconds
  • Monitoring of critical quality factors such as connection security, punctuality, reliability and price-performance ratio

Net Promoter Score, Portfolio Analysis & Co.

The Mobility Cockpit is tailored to your needs and only measures the key figures that are of particular interest to you. Find out specifically how your mobility offer is perceived and the hidden wishes and expectations of your passengers.

  • Targeted portfolio analysis with consideration of all target groups to optimize mobility services
  • Measurement of the net promoter score as an indicator for recommendation behavior
  • Feedback from individual customers for deep insights into customer experience at individual touch points
Analyses & Reports at the Mobility Cockpit
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Transparent and systematic: Effective complaint management with integrated ticket system

Ticket system for complaint management

The Mobility Cockpit enables direct complaint management for Mass Transport Service Providers. With the integrated ticket system you can keep an eye on all concerns and don’t miss any critical issues. Real-time alerts additionally expand your scope of action.

  • Overview of all existing concerns with in-depth information on individual issues
  • Automatic notification of all responsible employees via SMS, E-Mail or App on the status of tickets and changes in the ticket system