Increasingly, companies rely on delivering outstanding customer experience as a mean of differentiating themselves from their competition. As a customer you are more likely to interact with a company that offers great service quality and customer experience.

But as a company, how do you make yourself stand out from the competition???

1. Every Interaction counts, literally.

Your customers are interacting with your company everywhere: on your websites and apps, with your employees, at your locations. More than that, they’re talking about you in forums beyond your control, like social media and online review sites. BTW: Not talking about you is also talking about you, but in a different way.

2. Company wide effort – not just the employee who’s dealing with an issue.

Although your customers interact with your company in a variety of ways, they don’t consider each interaction as an isolated event. Each time customers come into contact with your organization, it reflects on your entire business. They don’t want to hear excuses from one department pleading ignorance of what happened in a different department. They just want to easily and quickly accomplish what they need from your business.

3. Everyone needs to contribute, and take up their cross.

Your entire organization, from the c-suite to the front line, makes business decisions that affect your customers. Employees love getting customer feedback. Employees with ready access to feedback from their customers talk about how much they love hearing what their customers have to say. Customer feedback gets the conversation going between employee and customer, establishing the real impact that employees are having on the customer’s experience with your company.

4.Tailored insights, because we can.

You need access to the “big data” of customer feedback, but undifferentiated “big data” is next to useless. Even if you manage to put customer feedback into everyone’s hands, undifferentiated “big data” is of no value. Think of the old gigantic piles of comments cards. Corporate employees don’t want to dig through individual pieces of customer feedback, and front line employees will find quarterly or annual reports useless for their day-to-day work.

5. Actions speak LOUDER than words.

Tailored insights provide clarity for each role on how they’re doing and the customer pain points they may inadvertently be producing. But this is just the first step. In the end, employees need to know which actions will have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction, so they can tell where to focus their efforts.

6. Real-Time delivery

With the rise of the internet and social media, consumer behavior and company reputations can change dramatically in a matter of hours. And alternatives to your business are just a click away.

Market research and Voice-of-the-Customer solutions are a must-have, but it’s how you build this information into your business that is key to great value. Check out our solutions for real-time performance management.