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Higher Customer Satisfaction through efficient Complaint Management with the Spectos Hospitality Ticket System

Ticketing systems for hotels and restaurants are a cost-effective and efficient way to have a structured complaint management process. In the fast paced industries of hospitality, quick reaction times are a thin balancing act in securing high service quality scores. Once a customer is dissatisfied, you may never get the chance to make amends. Why take the risk? Extensive use of social media gives potential customers the choice in quickly scanning through the extensive amount of reviews of services. One bad review, one negative experience can be detrimental to a businesses survival. 

Advantages of the Hospitality Ticket System for your Complaint Management

  • Early detection of customer service issues
  • Fast response rates thanks to real-time notifications
  • Transparent case handling and uniform procedures
  • Accurate insights into complaint process statuses
  • Instant notifications to all responsible departments and employees
  • Ability to assign tickets to individual staff or departments
  • Documents or media can be attached to tickets for further documentation
  • Alerts via text message, email or App
  • Ticket system is integrated within your personalized hospitality cockpit and reports can exported to any file format
  • Access rights for the different hierarchies of your business
  • Internal training tool for all staff member
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Respond immediately to the Needs of your Customers and improve Service Quality continuously

The ticketing system from Spectos Hospitality will give you detailed feedback and the ability to react instantly to your guests or customers. All tickets are created in real-time so that any concern can be addressed immediately. Through the ticket system in the Spectos Hospitality Cockpit you are informed directly and immediately about critical events. It is one further means towards a uniform and transparent complaint managementsystem that helps to continuously improve your service quality and strengthen your customer relationships.

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The Spectos Hospitality Ticketing System is an integral part of your user cockpit in the RTPM Suite and ensures an efficient workflow for your Complaint Management processes. As soon as a rating is given from your Customer Satisfaction Survey, a ticket is automatically created from the pre-defined escalation rules that classify a complaint or a non-complaint. In your Cockpit you will receive comprehensive and instant insights to all incoming tickets. The ability to see across all of your locations enables you to see what is happening and compare results.

Provide your employees an efficient complaint management with the Hospitality Ticket System. Predefined role concepts ensure that responsibilities are clearly defined and that each employee has specific access rights to reports and presentations. The transparent insight of all employees into individual issues guarantees a uniform flow of information and seamless communication. Detailed information – such as the time of the complaint, the measures already taken or which employee has dealt with the matter – allows you to quickly pick up where you left off, even in the event of staff shortages. Use the authentic material for internal quality training and team meetings to ensure uniform complaint management for all employees and locations.

Complaint management for hotels and restaurants in practice
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Customer Experience Management

Satisfied customers through immediate compensation with the Spectos Hospitality Ticket System for Hotel & Gastronomy

Even the best hotels, restaurants or delivery services make mistakes, but professionalism is always shown in responding immediately with flexibility and redress. Open criticism gives you the chance to take immediate action. Demonstrate to your guests your claim to high service quality in the hotel and catering sector through your commitment. An appreciative, respectful approach not only increases customer satisfaction, but also remains positive in your memory and ensures that you will meet again soon.

Technical information about the ticket system for hotel & gastronomy

  • Ticket system as an integral part of the Spectos Hospitality Cockpit
  • Views number of complaints, average processing time, processing status, satisfaction with solution, communication channels used, number of complaints by category and distribution by location/functional area
  • Ticket status depends on processing status: “open”, “closed” or “in progress”
  • Ticket creation and allocation is automated
  • Internal escalation rules determine ticket handling
  • Manual assignment of tickets to selected participants
  • Tickets can be extended with additional information (e.g. documents, photos)
  • Notifications and alerts via SMS, e-mail or app
  • Reports of the tickets can be exported as PDF files
  • Different access roles for different authorizations and representations