Improve Service Quality in Hotels and Restaurants with Spectos Hospitality

Don’t let outstanding Service Quality be a Coincidence: Spectos Hospitality for Hotels and Restaurants

Excellent service quality in hotels and restaurants is vital for a long-term success in this highly competitive industry. Survival against strong competition means good self-reflection and continuous adjustments to your services that accommodate your customers wishes. Spectos Hospitality offers you a comprehensive solution that allows you to continually improve the service quality of your hotel, restaurant or food delivery services. With Spectos, you can enable your customers to engage with your business and learn exactly what expectations they have. Our real-time multi-channel surveys capture customer feedback instantly regardless of time and location. 

Advantages in Using Spectos Hospitality for the Service Quality in Your Hotels and Restaurants

  • Sustainable increase in service quality
  • Higher satisfaction and increase of customer loyalty
  • Thorough and efficient customer contact
  • Improved corporate image
  • Extensive analysis and evaluation tools and easy-to-understand reports in real-time cockpit 
  • Instant comparison of various locations and departments
  • Accessibility from any location at any time of day

High Service Quality in the Hotel and Restaurant Industries is a Matter of Interaction with your Clients

With Spectos Hospitality you can optimize your processes based on the real needs of your customers. Our engaging surveys ensure that you receive feedback from your guests and collect the data you want to know. Every organization is different, which is why we do not want to limit creativity. The freedom of our solution allows you to design and formulate the questionnaires according to the communication channel you wish to use. Our experts will gladly advise you and give helpful tips on how to maximize your survey exposure for your hotel, restaurant or delivery services.

Together with our clients, we define metrics that are important in increasing customer satisfaction. We measure the service quality results whether from a checkout area, QR code or reference to your website. All data is transferred centrally to your customized Hospitality Cockpit. In this real-time performance management cockpit you receive up-to-the minute insights into the KPIs that are important for the daily operations of your business. Easy-to-understand reports ensure that developments and trends can be quickly understood and identified without the use of a specialist to explain the details. In this manner, specific measures can be implemented instantly, which will lead to improvements of all your processes and customer service scores.

Identify at a Glance Critical Contact Points or Processes and Improve the Service Quality in Hotels and Restaurants

KPI analysis is especially helpful for organizations seeking to acquire data of their various locations or departments. This is especially important for franchise operations. Spectos Hospitality offers added value when it comes to uniform quality measurements that are useful, consistent and classified. By using Spectos Hospitality you unlock your organization’s strengths and weaknesses and in the long-run ensure uniform service for all levels. Spectos Hospitality is adaptable and flexible to allow for the additional locations and departments to be integrated into the service quality measurement system. 

You benefit by having a reliable complaint management system that pays particular attention to the voice of your customer. Thanks to the integrated ticketing system, you can react instantly to any and all issues within your organization. The way it works is once a complaint is recorded from one of your surveys, a ticket is automatically generated and forward to the responsible person or department. Real-time notification via text message, email or through App ensure that everyone involved is reached and they in turn can react to the situation. Another added benefit is its use as an internal teaching tool for your staff to learn from missteps and to create dialogue to improve the uniformity of your services.

Technical Facts about Service Quality Management with Spectos Hospitality

  • Multi-channel surveys that can be utilized for various formats: emails, text message, short link, QR code, feedback terminal, personal tablet, WhatsApp, PC or traditional paper questionnaire
  • Visualization of data in real-time based on Spectos Hospitality cockpit (web application)
  • Integrated ticket system with real-time notifications
  • Internal program rules define automated creation and handling of tickets
  • Detailed insight into the number of complaints currently in progress, ticket status, average processing time, communication channels used, satisfaction with the solution, number of complaints per category and distribution of complaints per location, different access roles for company hierarchies, downloading of reports and presentations


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