Hospitality Cockpit

The Spectos Hospitality Cockpit for automated reportings in real-time

Key figures for gastronomy and hotel industry at a glance: Sample views of the Hospitality Cockpit

The Hospitality Cockpit is an industry specific variation of the Spectos Real-Time Performance Management Suite (RTPM). The web application is easily accessible. It does not require a separate installation.

  • Evaluation and analysis of data in real-time
  • Individual role concepts define access to relevant reports and representations according to hierarchy
General view of the Hospitality Cockpit

Detailed insights into important key figures of your service quality

Key Performance Indicators at the Hospitality Cockpit

In the Hospitality Cockpit, all results from your satisfaction surveys are centrally recorded, processed and displayed.

  • Monitoring of important quality indicators such as staff friendliness, cleanliness, taste, delivery time and much more
  • Systematic target group and portfolio analysis through information such as age, gender frequency of visits and much more
  • Easy-to-understand reports and appealing presentations for efficient assessment of your current performance within seconds

Multi-location comparisons and top/flop-rankings

All collected data will be centrally recorded and automatically linked to the corresponding locations, employees or areas.

  • Trends and top/flop rankings on selected service factors
  • The map view of individual locations enables comprehensive regional comparisons and benchmarking
Benchmarking at the Hospitality Cockpit

Daily updates on the Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score at the Hospitality Cockpit

The Net Promoter Score informs you about the recommendation behavior of your guests. Observe this key performance indicator in real-time via the Hospitality Cockpit and react immediately to critical events.

  • Information on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) with individual comments from your guests
  • Comparability of the NPS across all locations and developments and trends
  • Optional: Customers can leave their contact data for targeted reactions to individual concerns or complaints

Agile Complaint Management

Keep track of all tasks and react immediately to critical events.

Integrated Ticket System

The Hospitality Cockpit contains an integrated ticket system. This provides a structured workflow for the systematic handling of everyday events. Separate tickets for individual circumstances enable efficient coordination among employees and ensure a uniform flow of information as well as the derivation of long-term quality assurance measures.

  • Detailed information about individual complaints for a targeted complaint management
  • Concrete tasks with prioritization and transparent assignment of tasks enable a structured handling of complaints
  • Alerts or push notifications via SMS, e-mail or app for changes or new status information in the ticket system


Logo Domino's Pizza Vietnam uses the Spectos Hospitality Cockpit

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