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Modern, versatile and highly flexible: Spectos Hospitality customer satisfaction surveys

True customer satisfaction in hotels and restaurants begins when the expectations of your guest are not only met but exceeded. In most cases, a customer may not know what to expect from your service. It might be only when a negative experience is made that a customer may speak his or her mind, sometimes demanding compensation. In less critical situations, customers might not express their dissatisfaction and simply just switch to a competitor. In order to have repeat business and satisfied customers you must actively ask about your level of service.

Spectos Hospitality offers surveys that will unlock your customer satisfaction levels. Our engaging surveys can be used anytime and from anywhere by your customers. Receive transparent, instant and real-time insights that allow you to take action in improving the service quality of your hotel and restaurant.

Your advantages in using Spectos Hospitality Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Hotels and Restaurants

  • Multi-channel survey system
  • Optional language selection
  • Agile collection of large amounts of feedback
  • Flexible design of questionnaires that can be adapted at any time
  • All advertising media and communication channels adapted to your corporate branding
  • Structured complaint management system for quick follow-up of customer complaints
  • Built-in incentive function (coupons and discounts)
  • Increase of corporate image of hotel or restaurant
  • Increase of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
  • All data centrally store in Spectos Hospitality Cockpit
  • Easy to understand and visually appealing reports
  • Detailed information into individual customer opinions or complaints
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Find out the level of satisfaction of your guests with our engaging, multi-channel surveys

Spectos Hospitality offers you a multi-channel survey system that permits you to continuously receive information about your service at any time and from any place. You can decide for yourself which direction you would like your survey to take and how the collected information can be used to improve your service quality. With Spectos Hospitality, you are able to create questionnaires on your own and without any technical know-how. The survey design program allows for freedom of design in layout and in the actual questions. With the built-in incentive function, you can also use vouchers and coupons to reward your respondents for participating in your survey. This can in turn increase the overall revenue of your hotel and restaurant.

Customer Satisfaction Survey via tablet
Survey about customer satisfaction in hotel & gastronomy via tablet

Select your preferred survey channel according to your plans. Whether via table stand in a restaurant, feedback terminal in a hotel lobby or short link via text message: Our feedback channels capture all impressions. Adjust to the communication habits of your respondents and offer different ways to get in touch with your business. With appealing graphic design, we ensure full response rates. Our experienced experts will be pleased to advise you, so that your tailor-made survey strategy will be fully effective.

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Quality Management with a Strategy: Recording Satisfaction levels for hotels and restaurants, at the right place and at the right time

With Spectos Hospitality you save time by receiving minute-by-minute reports about your service quality, all at the touch of a button. Regardless of whether your guests answer your questionnaire via the website, on-site with a feedback terminal or from home via the QR codes on your invoice: all answers are recorded centrally and are available to you in your user cockpit. Appealing presentations and easy-to-understand reports simplify the handling of the key figures shown. Periodically develop quality-enhancing measures to improve your service quality and regularly review the effectiveness of your actions taken. In this way you react dynamically to the wishes of your customers and systematically adapt your services to existing needs.

Data analysis at the hospitality cockpit
Tablet with Hospitality Cockpit

We work together with you to define the escalation rules according to what feedback is classified as a complaint. If such a rating or review is received, it is automatically created as a ticket in the integrated ticket system. By alert or push notification, we inform you immediately about any updates, so that your employees and staff can quickly handle the processing of a complaint. With Spectos Hospitality, you benefit from an instant complaint management system for your hotel or restaurant – thus ensuring your commitment to your guests through high levels of customer service.

Technical Facts about Spectos Hospitality Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Multi-channel surveys that can be utilized for various formats: emails, text message, short link, QR code, feedback terminal, personal tablet, WhatsApp, PC, service hotline or traditional paper questionnaire
  • Online and offline surveys available
  • Creative design options for survey layout and questionnaires
  • Surveys can be adapted and customized at any time via website
  • No restrictions on length of surveys or questionnaires
  • Spectos Hospitality cockpit gives uniform real-time data analysis from a central location
  • Reports and presentation can customized for export into any file format
  • Automated creation of tickets for every complaint or issue received
  • Real-time alerts via email, text message or push notification

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Spectos Hospitality offers innovative surveys that help to increase customer satisfaction for hotels and restaurants