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Agile and Sustainable Complaint Management for Hotels and Restaurants with Spectos Hospitality

The foundation for high quality service lies in an active and structured complaint management system. This includes the systematic recording of feedback, continual evaluation of answers and the accommodation of customer desires and needs. Spectos Hospitality combines all of these aspects in an orderly workflow that permits you to focus on your customers’ satisfaction and to respond to negative feedbacks instantly. An all around multi-channel survey will ensure that you always capture the opinion of your customers. Receive in-depth analysis of the evolution of your customer service with Spectos Hospitality – from anywhere and at anytime.

Your Advantages in using Spectos Hospitality Complaint Management

  • Higher customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Improved corporate image of hotel or restaurant
  • Organized and uniform complaint management system within your company
  • Efficient customer contact through transparent insights into individual complaints
  • Minimal processing effort for recording and documentation of complaints
  • Instant response to new issues thanks to real-time notifications
  • Seamless flow of information to responsible staff members
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From Acquiring Data to Finding Solutions: Spectos Hospitality Complaint Management for Hotels and Restaurants

Whether for a bed and breakfast operation, franchisers or delivery services – Spectos Hospitality is a flexible solution that systematically records, evaluates and processes all concerns and complaints. Our experts work with you to develop a workflow that can be easily integrated into your daily operations. Engaging, easy-to-understand reports and a system structured for the processing of individual complaints ensure that you do not miss any issue. The system also allows for cross-location comparisons of your various locations for your service quality.

Complaint management for hotels and restaurants in practice
Overview of all customer comments

No matter the channel your customers use to provide feedback, all data is centralized in your Spectos Hospitality cockpit. All data is displayed in real-time in the cockpit. You can pre-define the escalation rules of individual complaints so that you and your staff are automatically transferred tickets for further processing. The tickets provide detailed insights for your employees, such as existing concerns, processing statuses and other specific information on customer issues. Different access rights can be assigned to various managerial levels of your company, thus allowing clear views of the everyday operations of your business.

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Smooth Flow of Information for Immediate Complaint Management for Hotels and Restaurants

Never miss a notification or alert by using Spectos Hospitality's Complaint Management system. Alerts can be sent via text message, email or push notification. Easy to integrate into any system, the system allows for creative and innovative ways to respond to new events. For example, personal tablets can be left at the check-in counter or in your kitchens to instantly receive information for your employees to be up to date of what is happening. Direct and uninterrupted interactions ensure a complete complaint management process that increases your customers satisfaction levels in the long term. This approach can also be used as an in-house training tool for all staff.

Spectos Hospitality Complaint Management offers

  • Creative design options for survey layout and questionnaires
  • Automated creation of tickets for every complaint or issue received
  • Real-time alerts via email, text message or push notification
  • Multi-channel surveys that can be utilized for various formats: emails, text message, short link, QR codes, short links, feedback terminal, personal tablet, WhatsApp, PC, service hotline or traditional paper questionnaire
  • Online and offline surveys available
  • Spectos Hospitality cockpit gives uniform real-time data analysis from a central location
  • Reports and presentation can customized for export into any file format
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Effective Complaint Management made easy with Spectos Hospitality