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Measuring service quality in real-time for high customer satisfaction

Learning from daily customer feedback helps you to increase your service quality on the basis of authentic needs and expectations.

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The Essence of Service Quality: High Customer Satisfaction in Hotel and Gastronomy with Spectos Hospitality

Spectos Hospitality is our solution for the hotel and restaurant industries. The solution offers you a way to systematically record and analyze the feedback of your guests and continuously develop quality-enhancing measures. The hotel and restaurant industries are very cutthroat and over-saturated with strong competition. High quality service and attractive offers are essential to survival in these industries. Spectos Hospitality gives you deep insights into the needs and desires of your customers, thus allowing you to adapt your services to their expectations – such as welcome greetings, menu designs, speed and staff service. By being able to recognize new trends you will always stand out as a modern and customer-centric establishment.

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Data analysis with Spectos Hospitality

Measuring service quality for continuous success in real-time

With Spectos Hospitality, you will not only satisfy your guests, but you will convert them into brand ambassadors. With innovative satisfaction surveys, you can continuously assess the needs of your customers.  Build on the insights from Spectos Hospitality's complaint management to actively improve your processes and services. 

In addition, our integrated ticket system allows you to focus on each individual customer. The system informs you instantly about new complaints and critical issues so that you can address them immediately. Along with the ticketing system, you will receive via the cockpit of your RTPMTM suite comprehensive insights into the development of your KPI’s with easy-to-read reports. The ability to monitor one or multiple locations in real-time gives you a thorough overview in just a matter of seconds. With Spectos Hospitality you will sustainably increase your service quality and ensure long-term success in your respective industry.

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