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Efficient complaint management in your healthcare facility with the integrated Spectos Ticket System with instant alerts

Everyday life in the healthcare sector is characterized by tight organizational structures and low personnel resources. There is a general awareness of the need for an active Healthcare Ticket System. However, its implementation often fails due to the cumbersome nature of existing processes. Complaints often reach those responsible too late.

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Get real-time insights into new concerns and critical issues in your healthcare facility

With the Spectos Healthcare Ticket System you are informed immediately of existing weaknesses by real-time alerts and can take appropriate measures in dealing with issues. Increase transparency in handling individual issues and win the satisfaction of your patients, staff and referrers with a clear and consistent communication line.

Your benefits of a ticket system with real-time alerts by Spectos Healthcare

  • High responsiveness
  • Uniform complaint management system
  • Complete insight into current tickets, areas of responsibility and respective processing statuses
  • Increase in patient, staff and referrer satisfaction
  • Low personnel costs
  • Immediate notification alerts for new complaints
  • Speedy processing
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Applications and Benefits of the Ticket System

The Spectos Healthcare ticket system allows you to quickly and professionally process incoming requests and complaints. Without any additional integration required by the IT department, all employees have access to the ticket system in the healthcare cockpit. Specific access rights ensure a customized presentation of all contents.

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As soon as a ticket is created, the ticket system automatically assigns it to the appropriate department or person(s) responsible. Using a variety of multi-channels, those in charge will receive notifications about all changes and updates. The Spectos ticket system also provides you with an instrument for direct comparisons of healthcare facilities or individual departments.

Ticket system in the Healthcare Cockpit
Example of a ticket system in the Healthcare Cockpit

A single ticket informs in detail about an existing situation. For example, you can find out which specific measures an employee has taken or how satisfied the addressee was with the presented solution. To simplify complaint management, additional files such as media can be optionally added to tickets.


  • Integrated into your customized healthcare cockpit
  • Display of the number of complaints, processing conditions, average processing time, communication channels used, satisfaction with the solution, distribution per department and number of complaints per category
  • Automatic creation and categorization of tickets
  • Ticket status “open”, “closed” or “in process” depending on processing status
  • Tickets can be assigned to specific persons
  • Alerts and reminders via SMS, email and app
  • Support by email, SMS and phone campaigns