The importance of continuous surveys for the healthcare sector

High satisfaction levels have a decisive influence on the economic success and image of healthcare facilities. This satisfaction is not limited to patients. Referring physicians and employees, who both serve as a link between patient and organization, also have a great influence on the continued success of a healthcare provider. Whether hospitals, clinics, medical care centers, doctors’ practices, nursing facilities or outpatient services: everyone should regularly consult their institution’s staff in order to improve their own service quality based on existing wishes and needs.

Paper questionnaires as hindrance: Why one-sided surveys prevent an increase in service quality

Why do many healthcare institutions find it difficult to conduct questionnaires on a regular basis? The most common reasons are a general disregard for value and benefit, time problems or the lack of acceptance of surveys. Often, specific deficits of the paper questionnaire, which is only one possible method for surveys, are transferred to the general added value of them. Many companies therefore associate satisfaction questionnaires with high personnel and financial costs, low identification of specific problems and the lack of ability to respond to criticism. However, this one-sided approach completely ignores other effective methods.

Asking means winning: Satisfaction surveys with Spectos Health Care

By offering and using various communication channels, Spectos Healthcare follows a hybrid survey approach that prevents the aforementioned deficits and takes into account the needs of respondents and hospital management. This cost-effective and efficient way allows you to gather, evaluate and control the feedback of your central target and interest groups – patients, referring physicians, employees – in the health care system conveniently and reliably. With our easy-to-use solutions for those groups we help you to identify weak points early on and to continuously improve the service quality of your institution. With Spectos Healthcare you will benefit from fewer complaints, lower personnel costs and positive cost accounting.

Your benefits with surveys by Spectos Healthcare

  • Hybrid approach: Use of different communication channels
  • Integrated real-time monitoring of quality criteria
  • High return in responses and low dropout rate
  • Short-term surveys possible
  • Fast and clear evaluation of your individual quality criteria according to department, ward, illness, etc.
  • Benchmarking of clinics and individual wards
  • Tracking of development of individual quality dimensions over time
  • Significantly more cost-effective than conventional processes
  • Efficient complaint management in accordance with general guidelines
  • Conformity to the PEQ survey method (Patients’ Experience Questionnaire, White List)
  • Low personnel costs
  • Time savings
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of internal processes
  • Quick response to criticism and problems
  • Customizable questionnaires with the possibility of closed groups of participants
  • Optimum data preparation with detailed analyses and alarm system

Increase the satisfaction of your healthcare contributors with real-time surveys

Spectos Healthcare supports you in setting up, carrying out and evaluating multi-channel surveys and provides a variety of supplementary services related to your individual monitoring system. Find out more on our solutions for: