Healthcare Staff Surveys with Spectos Healthcare

Healthcare professionals are the link between a patient and the overall organization. They have a decisive influence on the quality of service perceived by the patient. Healthcare staff surveys are an important part of improvement and change management. They can provide insights into weak points of everyday work processes and reflect the overall mood of individual departments and among employees.

The goal of the surveys is to create a bridge for management to see how they can increase satisfaction, strengthen loyalty, improve communication and generate additional development for the organization.

With Spectos Healthcare, your employees decide for themselves whether they want to share their opinion via SMS, e-mail, link, smartphone, tablet, terminal, PC or paper questionnaire, including digitization.

Employee surveys can be protected with one-time valid access keys. A high level of employee satisfaction prevents the loss of valuable specialists, ensures greater efficiencies and is reflected in the satisfaction of your patients.

Your advantages of healthcare staff surveys with Spectos

  • All channels, all data, one dashboard
  • Benchmarking of clinics and individual wards
  • Significantly less expensive than traditional pen and paper methods
  • Cost and time savings
  • Low personnel costs
  • High willingness to participate through anonymous feedback
  • High response rate
  • Holistic monitoring of quality criteria for employees in real-time
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of internal processes
  • Quick response to criticism and problems
  • Short-term surveys possible
  • Optimum data preparation with detailed analyses and alarm system

Application and benefits of hybrid healthcare employee surveys

A staff survey is to be understood as a diagnostic instrument in order to become aware of positive experiences while simultaneously identifying problems and initiating appropriate measures.

The Spectos employee survey combines several communication channels so that your employees can voice their opinions through their preferred medium. In alignment with your business objectives, we develop a survey designed for your employees. The surveys can be completed anywhere, whether in the hospital or from home. Thanks to a buffer, the survey can be interrupted and can be resumed at a later point in time without losing the previous answers.

The establishment of a closed group of participants determines which employees have access to your survey. Unique access keys ensure the anonymity of your participants. This option significantly increases the willingness of employees to participate in a survey and you will benefit from honest feedback. Nevertheless, your respondents have the opportunity to enter a specific feedback request. In this way, an employee can be contacted directly for a certain concern that has arisen.

Regardless of communication channel, the data transfer takes place in real time. Reporting is carried out via a cockpit, where the data of the individual communication channels is analyzed and can be called up on various end devices via the browser. Different hospitals or individual departments can thus be compared directly with each other. The results are available to all departments and employees depending on their authority, so that immediate action is possible.

The integrated ticket system creates tickets not only for patient and referral requests, but also for your employees’ requests. In this way, the needs of your employees are not forgotten even in a stressful workday, which can continuously improve internal communication and the satisfaction of your employees.


  • Optional closed participant groups with anonymous access keys
  • Start and stop surveys without loss of information
  • Multiple communication channels: E-Mail, SMS, Link, QR-Code, Tablet, Terminal, Whatsapp, PC, paper questionnaire (incl. digitization)
  • Real-time data evaluation in user-specific cockpits
  • Seamless HIS integration via API
  • Optional digitization service via Support Center
  • Native Apps for online and offline surveys


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