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Keep track of your materials and assets: RFID Inventory Management in real-time with Spectos Healthcare

As hospitals merge and become mega institutions that serve a growing population, taking stock of what assets you have has become of the utmost importance. Inventory and asset management in medical facilities is in Germany and other countries a mandatory requirement. The overall purpose for RFID Inventory Management is to create productivity and efficiencies.

Currently, most healthcare institutions are still using the old fashioned method of keeping lists of their assets. Important assets such as surgical instruments, can sometimes be hard to manage and track, mostly in mega hospitals.

The use of RFID technology in Spectos Healthcare enables you to locate and track selected objects. There are many possible applications which simplify individual work steps and lead to greater efficiencies. RFID is even suitable for localizing special patient groups – such as mentally ill or dementia patients – if approval has been obtained in compliance with GDPR.

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RFID Inventory Management in Real-Time

Imagine a hospital with two thousand employees. Working multiple shifts, taking care of hundreds of people day in and day out. Keeping tracking of when an instrument is used and most importantly when it has been sanitized is of great importance to the operation and satisfaction levels patients and employees alike.

Your advantages with real-time RFID inventory management

  • Real-time inventory recording
  • Reduction of interruptions in work processes
  • Track of sanitation services for medical equipment
  • Time and cost savings
  • Locatability of objects and individuals of special patient groups
  • Increase in productivity; less time searching for equipment
  • Better protection of costly working materials and technologies
  • Reduction of material losses
  • Quicker response times for emergency situations
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Application and Benefits of RFID Inventory Management in Healthcare

RFID inventory management enables you to track the progress of individual objects transparently and to receive real-time information on their current location at any time. There are many ways to integrate our technology into your clinical routine. Whether for coordinating the bed situation, providing surgical instruments or observing specific patient groups: Our experts develop an individual RFID solution with your business objectives in mind for more efficient daily work processes in your healthcare facility.

Hospital beds as an application for rfid in hospitals
Operation cutlery as an example for RFID inventory management

Localization of selected objects is recommended when work materials are accessible and used across care units. Protect your valuable inventory and avoid losses and costly new purchases by tracking the whereabouts of your work equipment at all times. The time saved by RFID allows you to more effectively organize internal workflows and better coordinate upcoming treatments.

Attach RFID tags whenever transparent insight and maximum control is required. RFID gates read the current data and transfer it in real time to your customized cockpit. Call up the individual locations of the objects you are looking for quickly and easily using a browser application and always keep an eye on the whereabouts of your inventory.

team analyses the results of the multi-channel surveys

Support and Technology from Spectos RFID Inventory Management

  • RFID Gates
  • RFID tags with real-time detection
  • Transparent multi-channel platform
  • Customized dashboards
  • Automation, authentication and recording of information
  • Consultancy services and data analysis